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    • A Raise for Fast Food Workers Will Help Western New York 

      Magavern, Sam (2015-06-03)
      The most pressing problems in Western New York in many areas of life, including education, healthcare, and criminal justice, can be traced to a single root: poverty. Families living in poverty suffer from lower graduation ...
    • Affordable Housing and the Environment in Buffalo, New York 

      Magavern, Sam (2007-07-09)
      Buffalo is suffering from severe housing and environmental problems, many of which overlap. New housing continues to sprawl into the suburbs and exurbs, despite a large surplus of housing units in Buffalo, where the City ...
    • Affordable Housing Strategies for the City of Buffalo 

      Magavern, Sam; Wooton, Sarah; Peterson-Borins, Samantha (2017-12-01)
    • Buffalo’s Outer Harbor: The Right Place for a World-Class Park 

      Magavern, Sam (2019-08-01)
      Buffalo’s Outer Harbor is a stunning natural area in a remarkable location. This report details the natural, historic, and recreational assets of the Outer Harbor and its connections to nearby parks and trails.
    • Building the Blue Economy: Opportunities for Community-Based Organizations in Stormwater Management 

      Magavern, Sam; Meyers, Tina; Kaminsky, Jen; Maurer, Sarah (2016-11-01)
      The United States has a serious problem with combined sewer overflows. In responding to this environmental and public health menace, many regions are using innovative “green infrastructure” or “blue economy” approaches in ...
    • City of Buffalo 2008-2009 Budgets and Four Year Plans 

      Magavern, Sam (2008-03-07)
      I am writing on behalf of the Partnership for the Public Good (PPG) to comment on the City of Buffalo’s 08-09 Action Plan Recommendation. PPG is a new collaboration promoting a revitalized, sustainable Buffalo through ...
    • City of Buffalo 2009-2010 Action Plan 

      Magavern, Sam (2009-07-16)
      I am writing on behalf of the Partnership for the Public Good (PPG) to comment on the City of Buffalo’s 09-10 Action Plan. PPG’s mission is to help build a more just, sustainable, and culturally vibrant community through ...
    • Community Health Workers: A Holistic Solution for Individual and Community Health 

      Magavern, Sam; MacKeller, Jacqueline; Bauer Walker, Jessica (2012-11-11)
      Community Health Workers (CHWs) go by many names, including outreach workers, patient navigators, peer health educators, and lay health advocates. CHWs help people overcome obstacles by accompanying them through treatment, ...
    • Distinguishing the Social Sector: A Buffalo-Niagara Labor Market Study 

      Ksiazek, Kristin; Weaver, Rusty; Magavern, Sam (2019-09-01)
      The study focuses on the two largest parts of Buffalo-Niagara’s social sector: nonprofit and government employers.
    • Greening Buffalo: What Local Governments Can Do 

      Magavern, Sam (2008-05-02)
      Almost every city in the Unites States is undertaking a significant green initiative. Policy makers, advocates, and citizens are realizing that the future of cities lies in sustainability, and that the future of the ...
    • IDA Reform 

      Magavern, Sam (2009-03-09)
      Thank you for the opportunity to comment on IDA reform. I teach at the University at Buffalo Law School in the areas of affordable housing and community economic development. I am submitting these remarks on behalf of the ...
    • Labor Takes the High Road: How Unions Make Western New York More Prosperous and Equitable 

      Magavern, Sam; Fleron, Lou Jean (2019-03-01)
      "The report explores how unions make a major impact on the region not just through collective bargaining, but also through community service and policy advocacy. Analyzing Census data, the authors find that union members ...
    • Low-Wage Work in Buffalo-Niagara 

      Sullivan Baker, John; Magavern, Sam (2018-11-20)
      One-third of the Buffalo-Niagara workforce works in an occupation with a median wage of less than $15 per hour. Common low-wage occupations include food servers, retail salespeople, cashiers, personal care aides, receptionists, ...
    • Missing the Target 

      Magavern, Sam; Armstrong, Anthony; Webster, Daniel (2009-04-06)
      Buffalo is the nation’s third most impoverished city. Buffalo’s East Side and West Side neighborhoods are two of Buffalo’s most impoverished areas. If any two neighborhoods are in need of economic development, it is these ...
    • Policies to Reduce Lead Exposure: Lessons from Buffalo and Rochester 

      Magavern, Sam (2018-10-11)
      Lead exposure remains a major issue in cities, such as Buffalo and Rochester, with concentrated, segregated poverty and old, deteriorated housing stock. Exploring and comparing local policies and programs in these two ...
    • Poverty and Casino Gambling in Buffalo 

      Magavern, Sam; Mulé, Elaina (2011-01-19)
      The Buffalo Creek Casino will exacerbate Buffalo’s poverty. Casinos, especially urban casinos, attract many gamblers living at or near the poverty line, and problem or pathological gamblers often fall from the middle class ...
    • Poverty in Buffalo: Causes, Impacts, Solutions 

      Magavern, Sam; Bergsten, Alyssa; Clayton, David; Davenport, Chad; Dickson, Orlando; Kathan, Melissa; Ross, Hayley (2018-04-10)
      This policy report examines the scope of poverty and inequality in Buffalo-Niagara, the causes of poverty, and its impacts across health, homelessness, education, and more. It features the insights of testifiers and ...
    • Poverty Level Work in Western New York 

      Magavern, Sam (2008-11-16)
      A large percentage of the jobs in western New York do not pay enough to keep a family safely out of poverty. Roughly 125,000 workers are in occupations for which the median wage is less than $20,000 per year – including ...
    • Rebuilding our Neighborhoods: Improving New York State Housing Policy to Better Meet Upstate Needs 

      Armstrong, Anthony; Bartley, Aaron; Kelly, Daniel; Magavern, Sam (2013-08-01)
      New York faces a wide variety of housing challenges. While in the New York City region, where the population is growing, availability and affordability are the most pressing concerns, upstate regions have a different set ...