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    • Effects of Selection Systems on Job Search Decisions 

      Judge, Timothy A.; Blancero, Donna; Cable, Daniel M.; Johnson, Diane E. (1994-08-01)
      On the basis of Gilliland's (1993) model of selection system fairness, the present study investigated the relationships between selection procedures, perceived selection system fairness, and job search decisions in both ...
    • Employee Age as a Moderator of the Relationship Between Ambition and Work Role Affect 

      Judge, Timothy A.; Erez, Amir; Johnson, Diane E.; Kennedy, David J.; Washington, Sandra K. (1994-09-01)
      Past research has demonstrated a negative relationship between ambition, or the desire to get ahead, and job satisfaction. In the present paper, age was hypothesized to moderate the relationship between ambition and job ...
    • The Role-Based Performance Scale: Validity Analysis of a Theory-Based Measure 

      Welbourne, Theresa M.; Johnson, Diane E.; Erez, Amir (1997-02-01)
      This study introduces a theory-based measure of employee performance (Role Based Performance Scale, RBPS) that is supported with results from a validation study using 10 data sets from six companies. In contrast to ...