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  • Climate for Change: A Complete Climate Jobs Roadmap for New York City 

    Skinner, Lara; Raman, Anita; Hoek Spaans, Avalon; Shetler, Melissa; Valdivia, Midori (Cornell University, ILR School, The Workers Institute, 2022-05)
  • The True Cost of Child Care: Erie County NY 

    ILR Buffalo Co-Lab (2022)
    This preliminary report presents the data and information gathered and analyzed in phase one of the Cornell ILR ̶Erie County action research project. Phase two will complete the project in Q1 2022 by providing further ...
  • Unvarnished: Precarity and Poor Working Conditions for Nail Salon Workers in New York State 

    West, Zoë; Weaver, Russell; Wagner, KC (Cornell University, ILR School, The Worker Institute., 2022)
    This report maps out the contours of New York State’s nail salon industry and workforce and examines labor conditions in the industry and their impact on workers’ lives, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and ...
  • Managing with Labor's Values 

    Margolies, Ken (2022)
    When it comes to managing staff, one size does NOT fit all. Each staff person has different history, experience, personality, behavioral styles, culture, and motivation. Managers need to know their staff well so they can ...
  • Labor Action Tracker: Annual Report 2021 

    Kallas, Johnnie; Grageda, Leonardo; Friedman, Eli (2022)
    [Excerpt] 2021 was a dramatic year for the US labor movement, with an upsurge in strike activity that gained extensive media attention. In light of ongoing speculation about the scope of these actions, we are particularly ...
  • Maine Climate Jobs Report 

    Cha, J. Mijin; Moskowitz, Hunter; Phillips, Mathew; Skinner, Lara R. (ILR Worker Institute, 2022-03)
    This report outlines these intersecting crises and then offers a series of “climate jobs” recommendations for Maine – a set of bold, science-based recommendations that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution at ...
  • An Interview with John M. Abowd 

    Schmutte, Ian; Vilhuber, Lars (WIley, 2022-02-20)
    John M. Abowd is the Chief Scientist and Associate Director for Research and Methodology, U.S. Census Bureau. He completed his A.B. in Economics at NotreDame in 1973 and his Ph.D. in Economics at University of Chicago in ...
  • Climate for Change: A Climate Jobs Roadmap for New York City 

    Skinner, Lara; Shetler, Melissa; Valdivia, Midori; Hoek Spaans, Avalon; Raman, Anita (2022-02)
    [EXCERPT] Cornell is thrilled to update the 2017 report and release a new Climate Jobs Program for New York City in 2022. With the new Mayor, Eric Adams, and an almost entirely new City Council, New York City has the ...
  • Building a Just Transition for a Resilient Future: A Climate Jobs Program for Rhode Island 

    Skinner, Lara; Cha, J. Mijin; Hoek Spaans, Avalon; Moskowitz, Hunter; Raman, Anita (2022-01)
    [Excerpt] The following report examines the climate crisis in Rhode Island and outlines a set of high-impact climate jobs recommendations designed to maximize the state's actions to do three things: 1) Create thousands of ...
  • Back to the Future of Local Elections: Reestablishing Resident Voting Rights to Strengthen Municipal Democracy 

    Weaver, Russell (2021-12)
    In the U.S., voting is treated as a discretionary political right rather than an inalienable natural right, meaning that who can and cannot vote is subject to variation over time and space. Although Americans are taught ...

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