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  • Equity in Focus: Job Creation for a Just Society 

    Brady, Anne Marie; Lieberwitz, Risa; Cunningham, Zach (Cornell University, ILR School, The Workers Institute, 2023)
    [Excerpt] Prioritizing gender and racial equity to promote a strong and just economy is a high priority of the Biden-Harris Administration. Historic levels of financing have been made available to support a range of ...
  • Diminishing New York State's Public Mental Healthcare Sector: The Impact of Austerity and Privatization on Wages and Employment 

    Weaver, Russell; Brady, Anne Marie; West, Zoë (Cornell University, ILR School, Worker Institute, 2023)
    [Excerpt] This report explores the effects that privatization and austerity have had on mental healthcare capacity in New York State and the employment and wages of public sector mental health workers. Our research finds ...
  • Labor Action Tracker: Annual Report 2022 

    Kallas, Johnnie; Ritchie, Kathryn; Friedman, Eli (Cornell University, ILR School, The Workers Institute, 2023)
    2022 was yet another important year for the US labor movement, with organizing victories at major private employers and an increase in strikes across the country from the prior year. We are pleased to release the second ...
  • Opportunities for Enhanced Employer Administrative Records to Improve Research, Statistics, and Evaluation 

    Groshen, Erica L.; Nightingale, Demetra; Reamer, Andrew; Magdy, Youstina; Raju, Madison (2022-11)
    The Jobs and Employment Data Exchange (JEDx) is an initiative of the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation to enhance the administrative data systems of employers’ earnings and employment records to the mutual gain of business ...
  • Building a Just Transition for a Resilient Future: A Climate Jobs Program for Rhode Island 

    Skinner, Lara; Cha, J. Mijin; Spaans, Avalon Hoek; Moskowitz, Hunter; Raman, Anita (Cornell University, ILR School, Climate Jobs Institute, 2022-01)
    [Excerpt] The following report examines the climate crisis in Rhode Island and outlines a set of high- impact climate jobs recommendations designed to maximize the state’s actions to do three things: 1) Create thousands ...
  • Maine Climate Jobs Report 

    Cha, J. Mijin; Moskowitz, Hunter; Phillips, Matt; Skinner, Lara (Cornell University, ILR School, Climate Jobs Institute, 2022-03)
    Three major, intersecting crises currently impact working families in Maine – the COVID-19 global health pandemic and related economic crisis, deepening inequality of income and wealth especially in terms of race, and an ...
  • Transport Workers and Climate Change: Towards Sustainable, Low-Carbon Mobility 

    Unknown author (2010-08)
    Climate change is the biggest single challenge ever faced by human civilization. Human economic activity has put so much carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) into the atmosphere that serious global ...
  • Climate for Change: A Complete Climate Jobs Roadmap for New York City 

    Skinner, Lara; Raman, Anita; Spaans, Avalon Hoek; Shetler, Melissa; Valdivia, Midori (Climate Jobs Institute, 2022-05)
    With New York City on the frontlines of the climate crisis, it will take bold, ambitious action to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution to the levels that science demands. Fortunately, ...
  • Transitioning to a 21st Century Energy System: A Moment of Great Peril, and Possibility, for New York State’s Energy Sector Workers 

    Gould, Ross; Johnson, Lois; Redmond, Ellen; Skinner, Lara (Climate Jobs Institute, 2019-07)
    “Just Transition” is a broad concept that encompasses the idea that if society enacts laws that result in lost jobs and closed facilities, those workers and the host communities should be held harmless. Just Transition ...
  • Worksite wellness and dIsability: Annotated bibliography 

    Joseph, Jeffrey; Cook, LaWanda (2013-12-13)
    This document represents an attempt to evaluate the current literature available on worksite wellness, with a specific focus on disability issues. The articles included in this document represent three strands of literature ...

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