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  • The Gender Policy Report: Seizing the Moment to Make Our Care Systems More Equitable 

    Pinto, Sanjay; Campos-Medina, Patricia; Mabud, Rakeen; Wagner, K.C. (University of Minnesota, 2021-05-27)
    The Biden administration’s $600 billion in proposed federal funding for childcare and long-term care is rightly being framed as an investment in the nation’s core “infrastructure.” Indeed, a robust and equitable care ...
  • In Memory of Thomas P. Golden 

    K. Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Institute on Employment and Disability (K. Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Institute on Employment and Disability, 2021)
    Within these pages are memories and messages of dozens of people whose lives Thomas Golden touched. Thomas left this world, or "winged" as his wife Janel characterized it, on November 1, 2020, after a battle with pancreatic ...
  • WIOA Title I partnership development for vocational rehabilitation professionals: A curriculum guide 

    O'Sullivan, Kate; Osmani, Kimberly J.; Romero, Kristal; Saleh, Matthew; Spangler, Don; Showalter, Thomas (Institute for Educational Leadership, 2020)
    This guide is one of a series of resources developed by Y-TAC to help VR professionals expand and strengthen transition services avail-able to eligible youth, ages 16-to-24. Prepared for Y-TAC by the National Youth Employment ...
  • My Manager Moved: Manager Mobility and Subordinate Career Outcomes 

    Beck, Minseo; Bidwell, Mathew; Keller, J. R. (Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies, 2021-08)
    Managers change jobs with some frequency. Considerable research has focused on the implications of these moves for both the managers and their organizations. But what about subordinates who are left behind? What happens ...
  • Promoting Mental Health and Well-Being During COVID-19 and Beyond 

    Jordan, Tiffany; Mladenovic, Nate (Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies, 2021-03)
    Employee health and well-being, long concerns of corporations, took center stage with the advent of COVID-19. Just before the pandemic, major companies were spending an average of 3.5 million a year on special programs to ...
  • Remote Work in the Time of COVID-19: Key Learnings and Implications 

    Jung, Hae-Song; Silva, Ralf (Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies, 2021-02)
    Until recently, remote work was a way of life in a few firms, a hit or miss proposition in others, and a twinkle in the eyes of many more. With COVID-19, all bets were off; suddenly remote work became a way of life for ...
  • An Active Learning Model of Diversity Training 

    Roberson, Quinetta; Moore, Ozias; Bell, Brad (Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies, 2021-05)
    United States companies spend an estimated $8 billion dollars annually on diversity training, which currently is a fixture in nearly all Fortune 500 companies, as well as a majority of mid-sized firms. Naturally, researchers ...
  • New York at Work 2021: Annual Report 

    Cornell University ILR School (2021)
    We are pleased to release the first edition of New York at Work from Cornell University’s New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR). The report provides ILR expertise, research-based data and policy ...
  • Initial impact of Section 503 rules: Understanding good employer practices and the trends in disability violations among federal contractors: Final Report 

    Enayati, Hassan (2020-06-15)
    In March 2014, new regulations went into effect related to the implementation of Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended (Section 503), setting new requirements for federal contractors and subcontractors, ...
  • The Raise the Wage Act Could Lower Housing Cost Burden and Advance Racial Equity 

    Weaver, Russell (2021-03)
    This article frames the federal Raise the Wage Act – a policy proposal to simultaneously raise the federal minimum wage and eliminate the existing two-tiered minimum wage system – as a targeted mechanism for increasing the ...

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