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    • Compensating Wage Differentials for Mandatory Overtime 

      Ehrenberg, Ronald G.; Schumann, Paul L. (1981-11-01)
      Our paper estimates the extent to which employees are compensated for an unfavorable job characteristic, being required to accept mandatory assignment of overtime, by receiving higher straight—time wages. Our estimating ...
    • Part-time Employment in the United States 

      Ehrenberg, Ronald G.; Rosenberg, Pamela; Li, Jeanne (1988-01-01)
      [Excerpt] To say that part-time workers are less costly than full-time workers, however, is not an explanation for the trend in the use of part-time employees that has occurred. Rather, one must show that the relative cost ...
    • Public Sector Labor Markets 

      Ehrenberg, Ronald G.; Schwarz, Joshua L. (1983-08-01)
      This paper provides a critical survey of the literature dealing with public sector labor markets. It discusses the research by economists on wage determination in the state and local sector (including the effects of. ...