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    • Comments on Geraghty, Márquez, and Vizcarra 

      Boyer, George R. (2003-06-01)
      Professor Boyer reviews and comments upon the three dissertations that were finalists for the Alexander Gerschenkron Prize in 2002.
    • High-Wage Workers and High-Wage Firms 

      Abowd, John M.; Kramarz, Francis; Margolis, David N. (1994-10-01)
      We study a longitudinal sample of over one million French workers and over 500,000 employing firms. Real total annual compensation per worker is decomposed into components related to observable characteristics, worker ...
    • New Estimates of British Unemployment, 1870-1913 

      Boyer, George R.; Hatton, Timothy J. (2002-09-01)
      We present new estimates of the British industrial unemployment rate for 1870- 1913, which improve on the Board of Trade's prior estimates. We use similar sources, but our series includes additional industrial sectors, ...
    • The Impact of the Overtime Premium on Employment and Hours in U.S. Industry 

      Ehrenberg, Ronald G. (1971-08-01)
      [Excerpt] This paper presents empirical estimates of the intra-industry cross-section relationship between annual overtime hours per man and the ratio of these quasi-fixed costs to the overtime wage rate. Estimates are ...
    • The Poor Law, Migration, and Economic Growth 

      Boyer, George R. (1986-06-01)
      The loss to the English economy caused by decreased migration resulting from relief payments to agricultural laborers is estimated. I conclude that, at worst, the Poor Law had a small negative impact on national product. ...