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    • Economic and Statistical Analysis of Discrimination in Hiring 

      Ehrenberg, Ronald G.; Smith, Robert (1983-10-01)
      Legal and administrative determinations of employers' compliance with "equal employment opportunity" (EEO) requirements often hinge on the Issue of the availability of protected class members to employers. That is, courts ...
    • The Future of Affirmative Action 

      Ehrenberg, Ronald G. (2004-05-04)
      This paper, presented at the conference on Now What: Affirmative Action and Higher Education in 2004 and Beyond in Ithaca, NY, traces the barriers faced by Jews in obtaining access to higher education in the first half of ...
    • The Underrepresentation of Minority Faculty in Higher Education: Panel Discussion 

      Slaughter, John Brooks; Ehrenberg, Ronald G.; Hanushek, Eric (2004-05-01)
      [Excerpt] The 3 July 2002 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education described the matter we are discussing today in these words: "Taken together. African-Americans and persons of Hispanic origin represent only 8 percent ...