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  • The New Crafts: On the "Technization" of the Workforce and the "Occupationalization" of Firms 

    Barley, Stephen R. (1992-01-01)
    [Excerpt] In the late 1960s and early 1970s American students were told that the value of a college education was declining (see Freeman 1976). Although liberal arts students were particularly discouraged by reports of ...
  • Organizational Renewal: The Management of Large-Scale Organizational Change in Norwegian Firms 

    Hammer, Tove H.; Ingebrigtsen, Bente; Karlsen, Jan Irgens; Svarva, Arne (1994-09-01)
    A study of large organizational change projects was done in 228 private and public sector firms across Norway to examine the causes and consequences of renewal efforts and the strategies used by firm level management and ...
  • Obesity and Discrimination Among U.S. Lawyers 

    Saporta, Itsik; Halpern, Jennifer J. (1994-06-01)
    A recent federal appeals court ruling barred employment bias against the obese. A reconsideration of claims of discrimination against overweight people is therefore in order. This paper examines the effect of being overweight ...
  • The Effect of Friendship on Decisions: Field Studies of Real Estate Transactions 

    Halpern, Jennifer J. (1994-05-01)
    A field study of real estate agents' transactions demonstrates that business friendship affects the negotiation process and the outcome of transactions more for agents with 10 or more years of experience in real estate ...
  • The Impact of Working at Home on Career Outcomes of Professional Employees 

    Tolbert, Pamela S.; Simons, Tal (1994-01-01)
    Working at home is often claimed to adversely affect employees' career progress, presumably because supervisors are inclined to negatively evaluate the performance of employees whose activities are not available to frequent ...
  • ILR Impact Brief - Faculty Tenure and the Gap between Policy and Practice 

    Tolbert, Pamela S.; Sine, Wesley D.; Park, Sangchen (2006-04-01)
    Almost all four-year institutions of higher education have adopted the tenure system as a formal policy for faculty employment. The degree to which tenure systems are actually implemented, however, depends on resource flows ...
  • Individualism-Collectivism and Group Creativity 

    Goncalo, Jack A.; Staw, Barry M. (2005-11-01)
    Current research in organizational behavior suggests that organizations should adopt collectivistic values because they promote cooperation and productivity, while individualistic values should be avoided because they ...
  • Squeezed in the Middle: The Middle Status Trade Creativity for Focus 

    Duguid, Michelle M.; Goncalo, Jack (2015-01-01)
    Classical research on social influence suggested that people are the most conforming in the middle of a status hierarchy as opposed to the top or bottom. Yet, this promising line of research was abandoned before the ...
  • Robert Michels and the Iron Law of Oligarchy 

    Tolbert, Pamela S. (2010-01-01)
    [Excerpt] Resource mobilization, a dominant theoretical approach to the study of social movements for many decades, points to social movement organizations (SMOs) as a focal point for efforts to understand the variations ...
  • Risky Business? Entrepreneurship in the New Independent-Power Sector 

    Sine, Wesley D.; Haveman, Heather A.; Tolbert, Pamela S. (2005-06-01)
    Building on sociological research on institutions and organizations and psychological research on risk and decision making, we propose that the development of institutions that reduce the risks of entering new sectors has ...

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