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    • Salaries, Salary Growth, and Promotions of Men and Women in a Large, Private Firm 

      Gerhart, Barry A.; Milkovich, George T. (1987-02-18)
      [Excerpt] Salaries, promotions, and salary growth of men and women in a large, diversified firm were examined for the years 1980 through 1986. Consistent with other studies, men's average salary was higher than women's ...
    • Samuel Gompers 

      DeVault, Ileen A. (2007-01-01)
      [Excerpt] Samuel Gompers, founder and president of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) for 37 years, was both extraordinary and exemplary of many skilled workers during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
    • Saturns and Rickshaws Revisited: What Kind of Employment Arbitration System has Developed? 

      Colvin, Alexander; Pike, Kell (2014-01-01)
      [Excerpt] In this article, we examine a new, more detailed dataset of employment arbitration cases administered by the American Arbitration Association (AAA), which includes information on many important aspects of these ...
    • Scientific Illiteracy: Causes, Costs and Cures 

      Bishop, John H. (1989-06-13)
      [Excerpt] This article examines the causes of the learning deficits in science, math and technology, evaluates their social costs and then recommends policy measures for remedying the problems identified. Following the ...
    • Secondary Education in the United States: What Can Others Learn from Our Mistakes? 

      Bishop, John H.; Mane, Ferran; Bishop, Michael (2001-03-01)
      Secondary schools are the least successful component of the U.S. education system. Students learn considerably less than in other industrialized nations and dropout rates are significantly higher. This paper provides an ...
    • Seeds of Resurgence: The Promise of Organizing in the Public and Private Sectors 

      Bronfenbrenner, Kate; Juravich, Tom (1994-03-10)
      [Excerpt] No revival of our American labor movement will be possible without massive new organizing. While it is important to stem the loss of unionized manufacturing jobs and do a better job of servicing and mobilizing ...
    • Segmented Labor Market Models in Developing Countries 

      Fields, Gary S. (2009-03-01)
      Labor markets are important, because most people, especially the poor, derive all or the great bulk of their income from the work they do. This paper approaches labor markets through models of segmented labor markets. The ...
    • Segmented Labour Markets in South Africa 

      Fields, Gary S. (2014-01-01)
      [Excerpt] The textbook labour market model aggregates all workers, all employers and all sectors of the economy into a single labour market. In this single labour market, workers supply labour, employers demand labour and ...
    • Selection for Service and Sales Jobs 

      Hausknecht, John P.; Langevin, Angela M. (2010-01-01)
      [Excerpt] This chapter provides a review of selection research for service and sales occupations and is organized into three major sections. First, we describe the nature of service and sales work and define the competencies ...
    • Selection Utility Analysis: A Review and Agenda for Future Research 

      Boudreau, John W. (1988-01-21)
      [Exerpt] Whether they are line managers, human resource management staff, or organizational psychologists, managers of human resources must make decisions (e.g., hiring, placement, training, compensation, performance ...
    • Selective Employment Subsidies: Can Okun’s Law Be Repealed? 

      Bishop, John H.; Haveman, Robert (1979-03-01)
      [Excerpt] Concern that structural factors impede efficient labor market performance is evidenced in both statistical analyses of economic potential and policy proposals for selective employment subsidies. Estimates of the ...
    • Self-Assessments of Knowledge: Where Do We Go From Here? 

      Bell, Bradford S.; Federman, Jessica E. (2010-01-01)
      [Excerpt] In this paper, we argue that there remain several unanswered questions surrounding self-assessments of knowledge that must be addressed before we can reach a more definitive conclusion on the viability of these ...
    • Self-Employment and Poverty in Developing Countries 

      Fields, Gary S. (2014-05-01)
      A key way for the world’s poor—nearly half of humanity—to escape poverty is to earn more for their labor. Most of the world’s poor people are self-employed, but because there are few opportunities in most developing countries ...
    • Seniority and Monopsony in the Academic Labor Market: Comments 

      Hallock, Kevin F. (1995-06-01)
      This paper further explores the work of both Michael Ransom and Emily Hoffman, who have written on monopsony in the academic labor market, using data from University of Massachusetts at Amherst (UMASS) from 1989. This ...
    • Separating the Developmental and Evaluative Performance Appraisal Uses 

      Boswell, Wendy R.; Boudreau, John W. (1999-11-16)
      [Excerpt] We examine the effects of separating the evaluative and developmental components of PA, so it is important to define development and evaluation. Development is any effort concerned with enriching attitudes, ...
    • Service Management and Employment Systems In U.S. and Indian Call Centers 

      Batt, Rosemary; Doellgast, Virginia; Kwon, Hyunji (2005-07-01)
      In this chapter, we draw on a comparative international survey of management strategies and employment practices in U.S. and Indian customer contact call centers. We compare these practices across three types of centers: ...
    • Service Management and Employment Systems in U.S. and Indian Call Centers 

      Batt, Rosemary; Doellgast, Virginia; Kwon, Hyunji (2005-01-01)
      "The explosive growth of call centers in India has gained widespread attention because of its potential impact on employment in the United States and other advanced economies. Media accounts report that Indian operations ...
    • Service Strategies Marketing, Operations, and Human Resource Practices 

      Batt, Rosemary (2007-01-01)
      Over the last three decades, the principles of service management have become widely accepted. These call for an integrated approach to marketing, operations, and human resource management (HRM). The scholarly and business ...
    • Session 00 - INFO 7470/ILRLE 7400:Social and Economic Data - Introduction to the Teaching Environment 

      Abowd, John; Vilhuber, Lars (Cornell University Department of Labor Economics, 2011-01-18)
      This is the Session 00 of Info 7470/ILRLE 7470 - Social and Economics Data (2011).
    • Session 01 - Lab 01 - Finding Sources, Documents, and Data 

      Abowd, John (Cornell University Department of Labor Economics, 2005-01-26)
      This is Lab 1 of Info 7470 - Social and Economics Research (2005).