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  • From the Editor 

    Miles, Randall (2013-11)
    Welcome to the inaugural issue of Practical Technology for Archives! The intention in launching this journal is to provide a forum for the exchange of, as the title implies, practical solutions to the problems archivists ...
  • Processing Internal Hard Drives 

    Brown, Amy F.; Edwards, Chloë; Eastwood, Meg; Tenney, Martha; O'Donnell, Kevin (2013-11)
    As archives receive born digital materials more and more frequently, the challenge of dealing with a variety of hardware and formats is becoming omnipresent. This paper outlines a case study that provides a practical, ...
  • Using Google Analytics Data to Expand Discovery and Use of Digital Archival Content 

    Szajewski, Michael (2013-11)
    This article presents opportunities for the use of Google Analytics, a popular and freely available web analytics tool, to inform decision making for digital archivists managing online digital archives content. Emphasis ...
  • You Can Do It: Tips For Creating A Stylesheet For Your EAD Records 

    Snow, Justin (2013-11)
    When implementing EAD, archivists consider encoding findings aids as the easy part. Creating an XSLT stylesheet, in contrast, leaves many archivists feeling out of their element. However, armed with a basic understanding ...
  • Using ReNamer for Batch Finding Aid Production from Archivists’ Toolkit 

    Schmitt, Cassandra A. (2013-11)
    This article will examine the use of the software program ReNamer to facilitate and streamline finding aid production at the University of Oregon. ReNamer was used to perform bulk renaming of EAD files exported from the ...


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