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dc.contributor.authorSherwyn, David S.
dc.description.abstract[Excerpt] The Center for Hospitality Research, publisher of this journal, is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary this year. Though we will note this occasion at the Cornell Hotel Society’s annual New York Hotel Show Reception, I wanted to offer a progress report to the readers who cannot be in New York in November. The Center began in 1992 when a young professor, Steve Carvell, now the Hotel School’s associate dean, brought the idea to the faculty. After the initial angst associated with all new ideas, the faculty agreed to endorse the idea and selected Professor Jack Corgel as the Center’s first director. Jack got the Center going by bringing in a number of partners and organizing a conference. After Jack stepped down in 1994, however, the Center struggled. By 2000 the Center had no partners, no conferences, and no research. Professor Cathy Enz took over the Center in fall 2000. With a goal of revitalizing the Center, she hired a small staff, including our director of corporate relations Joe Strodel, created an advisory board, began bringing in partners and data providers, developed the concept of Cornell Hospitality Reports, began funding summer research fellows, and began sponsoring the Center’s roundtables. In addition, under Cathy’s leadership the Center engaged Sage Publications to manage this journal, which we have just renamed the Cornell Hospitality Quarterly (CQ). Since Sage became our journal manager, CQ has increased its readership, decreased its acceptance rate (due to a stronger field of article submissions), and is now listed in the Thompson Scientific Journal Citation Index (as explained elsewhere in this issue by editor Linda Canina).
dc.rightsRequired Publisher Statement: © Cornell University. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.
dc.subjectCenter for Hospitality Research
dc.subjectCornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly
dc.titleProgress Report: The Center at Fifteen
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local.authorAffiliationSherwyn, David S.: Cornell University

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