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dc.contributor.authorVerma, Rohit
dc.contributor.authorGupta, Ramit
dc.contributor.authorDenison, Jon
dc.description.abstractHospitality brand managers are well aware that creating customer value is a key aspect of brand management. For hotel operators in India, the internet and social media are newly emerging issues that are inextricably related to creating customer value. All hoteliers seek to solve the intricate puzzle of customer loyalty as it relates to customer value and brand management. In the first Cornell Industry Roundtable held in India, the discussion focused on how to create and measure customer value in the electronic era. Given fast-evolving technological advances (e.g., mobile apps and other innovations, social media, opaque pricing) and rapid hospitality industry growth in India and other emerging markets, the topic of customer value is particularly timely. Thus, this roundtable discussion began with issues surrounding customer value, and then continued into the realm of social media, as that topic relates to brand management and value creation.
dc.rightsRequired Publisher Statement: © Cornell University. This report may not be reproduced or distributed without the express permission of the publisher.
dc.subjectinternational travel
dc.subjecthotel operations
dc.titleConnecting Customer Value to Social Media Strategies: Focus on India
dc.description.legacydownloads2012_Verma_Connecting_customer_value.pdf: 3638 downloads, before Aug. 1, 2020.
local.authorAffiliationVerma, Rohit: Cornell University

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