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dc.contributor.authorWithiam, Glenn
dc.description.abstractNo industry is more exposed to the public’s inspection than is the hospitality industry. Guests at hotels and restaurants have made it clear that they want the industry to operate in a more sustainable manner (although the guests themselves often don’t behave that way). Sustainability initiatives involve improved operations, as well as new facility designs and retrofits for existing properties. Presenters at the Cornell Hospitality Research Summit outlined the challenges and benefits of sustainability in several presentations and speeches. Held in October 2010, the CHRS brought 225 industry leaders and academic researchers to the Cornell campus in Ithaca to address the topics of greatest concern for the hotel and restaurant industry. In addition to sustainability, key issues included analysis of the industry’s market prospects, social media, revenue management, and hotel valuation.
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dc.subjectonline travel agents
dc.subjecthotel pricing control
dc.titleThe Challenge of Hotel and Restaurant Sustainability: Finding Profit in “Being Green”
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local.authorAffiliationWithiam, Glenn: Cornell University

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