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dc.contributor.authorNegrea, Sherrie
dc.description.abstract[Excerpt] Hospitals, college campuses, and retirement communities all serve different populations, but they have one feature in common: the experience of the people they serve is significantly impacted by what hospitals sometimes call “hotel functions,” including dining, housekeeping, maintenence, and other support functions. Anecdotal evidence suggests that these services can both enhance the experience, and even potentially improve the outcomes of care, in healthcare and senior living settings. The Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures (CIHF) sponsored a roundtable on October 9 and 10 that explored the trends in food and other services across a range of organizational settings. Nearly 60 industry leaders in health care, higher education, senior living, financial services, and wellness attended the conference at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. The roundtable opened with an overview of the emerging trends in dining services at senior living facilities, college campuses, hospitals, and spas. The conference then explored the innovations institutions have launched in other services, including housekeeping, maintenance, guest relations, and patient services. The roundtable concluded with a discussion on the need to integrate a culture of hospitality at their organizations so that they can better serve the needs of their patients, clients, and residents.
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dc.subjecthealth care
dc.titleDining and Service Innovations Across the Health Care Continuum: Insights from 2018 CIHF Roundtable
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