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dc.contributor.authorCornell Institute for Healthy Futures
dc.description.abstract[Excerpt] We are pleased to present the Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures' fourth Annual Report. The 2018-2019 academic year ushered in many exciting changes for us, including: • CIHF Leadership Changes Brooke Hollis (Professor of the Practice in Policy Analysis and Management and Associate Director of Sloan Program in Health Administration) served his first full year as Executive Director. Heather Kolakowski (Lecturer in Food & Beverage Management in School of Hotel Administration) joined us as Associate Director. Nikki Cerra and Ellie Valenzuela-Menodoza joined the Institute as Program Manager and Program Assistant, respectively. • In 2018, we officially launched our new summer course, DEA 1110 Making a Difference by Design: Tackling Hospitality & Healthcare Challenges. It was a very successful class, enrolling over 40 students. • We started creating our new on-line certificate programs through eCornell, with the expectation of officially launching these in 2020. • Our Healthy Futures undergraduate minor was officially launched in the Department of Design & Environmental Analysis and Alexina Federhen graduated as our first minor in May 2019! • In May, we co-hosted a Thought Leadership Forum "Service Imperative for Health, Hospitality, and Design," which will result in a special issue of Journal of Service Management publishing papers from the nine themes of the conference. Over 65 academics and industry leaders participated in the forum. • This year saw many new student-industry collaborative research projects, including: Hilton Wellness Project, Digital Transformation Hackathon, Pacific Life Design Engagement Project and Keeping People 60 and Better at their Best research project with Meredith Oppenheim. With these new changes, we also continued our essential work through growing the Institute. Our corporate advisory board composed of senior-level leaders from 26 different global organizations, continued to help guide our work and bridge the fields of hospitality, design and health management/policy. We continued to grow our community of affiliates, so we currently have 54 faculty fellows from different colleges across Cornell, 45 academic scholars from leading universities A YEAR OF EXCITING CHANGES AT CIHF. and 29 industry scholars. Over 110 industry leaders, academics, researchers, students, healthcare professionals, government representatives and nonprofit administrators participated in our fall and spring Roundtables: "Dining and Service Innovations Across the Health Care Continuum," and "Nature, Health and Wellbeing." As we settle into our new and continuing roles this coming year, we will harness the energy from this past years' changes to further engage our community, inspire students to look through the different lenses simultaneously, and maximize our resources to innovate across health, hospitality and design. We could not do this important work without your support and participation and we look forward to further building our community!
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dc.title2019 Annual Report: Innovating Across Health, Hospitality and Design
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