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dc.contributor.authorEditors, The
dc.description.abstractThe Baker Program in Real Estate continued its success in national real estate case competitions over the past year with a second place finish in the 2017 ARGUS University Challenge. This was Cornell’s first time placing in the ARGUS competition in its six years of existence. Cornell’s team included two second-year students (Yang Yang and Yufei Wang), as well as three first-year students (Paul Heydweiller, Julin Yong, and Alejandro Santander). Professor Crocker H. Liu served as the team’s faculty advisor.
dc.relation.ispartofseriesCornell Real Estate Review
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dc.subjectReal estate
dc.subjectBaker Program in Real Estate
dc.subjectARGUS University Challenge
dc.subjectYang Yang
dc.subjectPaul Heydweiller
dc.subjectJulin Yong
dc.subjectAlejandro Santander
dc.subjectCrocker H. Liu
dc.subjectinvestment analysis
dc.title2017 Argus University Challenge
schema.issueNumberVol. 15
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