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dc.contributor.authorSu, Frank
dc.description.abstract[Excerpt] ...The South Bridge Project is a mixed-use concept located in the North Michigan Avenue portion of Chicago's business district and is to contain retail on the first few floors, class A office, and a 300 room hotel. The existing area of South Bridge is a redevelopment zone, which currently consists of retail/entertainment, office, parking, and luxury hotels. Currently, the proposed project emulates the existing product mix in the South Bridge Area and our task is to analyze the market and propose a product mix. That is financially viable and that highest and best use of the site.
dc.relation.ispartofseriesCornell Real Estate Review
dc.rightsRequired Publisher Statement: © Cornell University. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.
dc.subjectcase study
dc.subjectcommercial real estate
dc.subjecthotel property
dc.titleSouth Bridge Student Case Response
schema.issueNumberVol. 1
dc.description.legacydownloads1_Su_2002_South_Bridge.pdf: 10 downloads, before Aug. 1, 2020.

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