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    • Creating Strong Listening Environments: A Key Hospitality Management Task 

      Brownell, Judi (1994-01-01)
      The listening environment is viewed as an aspect of organizational culture that both influences and is influenced by individual behaviour. Discusses the concept of the listening environment within hospitality organizations ...
    • How to Build Service Quality into Your Operation 

      Susskind, Alex M. (2011-01-01)
      [Excerpt] You've probably heard about or used some kind of quality assurance program in your operation, including total quality management, Six Sigma, lean, quality circle, or Kaizen. These techniques or approaches have ...
    • Limited Partnerships and Reputation Formation 

      Kallberg, Jarl G.; Liu, Crocker H.; Srinivasan, Anand (2004-09-01)
      This paper analyzes the optimal quality decision of a producer in a multi-period setting with reputation effects. Using a unique database of returns on real estate limited partnerships (RELPs), we empirically examine ...