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    • Benchmarks for Excellence Cornell's Management-Development Program 

      Brownell, Judi; Jameson, Daphne (1995-08-01)
      Rather than create separate courses for such critical skills as effective communication and working with groups, Cornell's redesigned master's degree program requires students to achieve specific performance benchmarks.
    • Communications in the Business Curriculum 

      Brownell, Judi (1987-08-01)
      Good managers must have good communication skills, but that means more than just writing a nice essay or making a clever speech. As a result, hospitality educators’ view of communication must be expanded.
    • Listening: The Toughest Management Skill 

      Brownell, Judi (1987-02-01)
      Ranked by personnel managers as the most important problematic communication skill in organizations today, listening is the most used skill that is taught least frequently. Listening skills of managers and employees can ...