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    • Attention Effects in a High-Frequency World 

      Chakrabarty, Bidisha; Moulton, Pamela; Wang, Xu (2015-12-09)
      How does limited attention affect stock prices in today’s computer-driven financial markets? We study this issue by re-examining the effects of limited attention using a dataset that separately identifies trades made by ...
    • Earnings Announcements and Attention Constraints: The Role of Market Design 

      Chakrabarty, Bidisha; Moulton, Pamela (2012-01-10)
      We identify a new channel – market makers’ attention constraints – through which earnings announcements for one stock affect the liquidity of other stocks. When some stocks handled by a designated market maker have earnings ...
    • Earnings Announcements and Investor Focus in the Hospitality Industry 

      Moulton, Pamela; Leow, Sarah (2015-02-01)
      This study examines how the release of multiple firms’ earnings announcements on the same day combines with human attention constraints to affect the trading of hospitality stocks. We document two opposing effects. We find ...