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    • Occupational Boundary Setting and the Unauthorized Practice of Law by Real Estate Brokers 

      Corgel, John B. (1987-01-01)
      Real estate brokers and lawyers have been engaged in a longstanding "boundary dispute" over which activities brokers can perform in real estate transactions without engaging in unauthorized practices of law. In general, ...
    • Oil Prices Lodging Risk 

      Corgel, John B.; Lane, Jamie (2011-08-01)
      [Excerpt] With the lodging industry recovery in full swing and strong tailwinds leading to much optimism among economists, there are still headwinds that could derail progress to recovery and send the industry back into ...
    • On Indexing Commercial Real Estate Properties and Portfolios 

      Boudry, Walter I.; Coulson, N. Edward; Kallberg, Jarl G.; Liu, Crocker H. (2013-01-01)
      Commercial real estate indices play an important role in performance evaluation and overall investment strategy. However, the issue of how representative they are of the returns on portfolios of commercial properties is ...
    • On Investor Preferences and Mutual Fund Separation 

      Dybvig, Philip; Liu, Fang Ph.D (2014-09-01)
      We extend Cass and Stiglitz’s analysis of preference-based mutual fund separation. We show that high degrees of fund separation can be constructed by adding inverse marginal utility functions exhibiting lower degrees of ...
    • On the Capital Structure of Real Estate Firms 

      Alcock, Jamie; Steiner, Eva; Tan, Kelvin Jui Keng (2010-08-24)
      The leverage and debt maturity choices of real estate companies are interdependent, and are not made separately as is often assumed in the literature. We use three-stage least squares (3SLS) regression analysis to explore ...
    • On the Hybrid Nature of REITs 

      Boudry, Walter I.; Coulson, N. Edward; Kallberg, Jarl G.; Liu, Crocker H. (2012-01-01)
      The consensus that emerges from the current research on the linkage between securitized and direct investment in real estate is that direct (private) real estate returns play a relatively minor role in the real estate ...
    • On the Importance of Market Identification 

      Kim, Jin-Young; Canina, Linda (2010-01-01)
      [Excerpt] Identifying markets is regarded as necessary for all companies and for research across many disciplines. In industrial organization (10) economics, the definition of markets is critical for antitrust and regulatory ...
    • On the Perceived Usefulness of Scaling Techniques in Market Analysis 

      Johnson, Michael D.; Hudson, Elania J. (1998-12-01)
      This study examines the perceived usefulness of alternative spatial and tree-based similarity scaling techniques in a market analysis task. These techniques are typically evaluated on their ability to fit or explain customer ...
    • On the Price Comovement of U.S. Residential Real Estate Markets 

      Kallberg, Jarl G.; Liu, Crocker H.; Pasquariello, Paolo (2014-04-01)
      We investigate the comovement among Case-Shiller Home Price Indices for 14 metropolitan areas between 1992 and 2008. We define the portion of this comovement deemed as fundamental (excessive) as the covariation that can ...
    • On the Use of Regression and Verbal Protocol Analysis in Modeling Analysts’ Behavior in an Unstructured Task Environment: A Methodological Note 

      Anderson, M. J.; Potter, Gordon S. (1998-01-01)
      This paper discusses areas for future research opportunities by addressing accounting issues faced by management accountants practicing in hospitality organizations. Specifically, the article focuses on the use of the ...
    • One Good Turn: What Every Operator Should Know About Restaurant Plumbing 

      Robson, Stephani K. A. (2013-01-01)
      Water and sewer costs are climbing across the country. Choosing the right equipment or fixtures and making sure they are installed and operating correctly will help improve your bottom line and be friendlier to the environment.
    • Online Low-Price Guarantees – A Real Options Analysis 

      Marcus, Benjamin; Anderson, Chris K. (2006-11-01)
      A common practice among large retailers is the low-price guarantee, rebating consumers if they find an identical product cheaper elsewhere. This provides consumers with some level of comfort in their purchase decision. A ...
    • Only if it is Convenient: Understanding How Convenience Influences Self-Service Technology Evaluation 

      Collier, Joel E.; Kimes, Sheryl E. (2013-02-01)
      Self-service technologies (SSTs) can help firms reduce labor costs while providing more channel options, but customers must be convinced of their value before foregoing a full service alternative. To understand how customers ...
    • Only Time Will Tell: The Changing Relationships between LMX, Job Performance, and Justice 

      Park, Sanghee; Sturman, Michael C.; Vanderpool, Chelsea; Chan, Elisa (2015-01-01)
      Although it has been argued that LMX is a phenomenon that develops over time, the existing LMX literature is largely cross-sectional in nature. Yet, there is a great need for unraveling how LMX develops over time. To address ...
    • Opening the "Taj" The Culture of Fantasy 

      Brownell, Judi (1990-08-01)
      In putting together his grandest venture to date, Donald Trump used the principles of corporate culture to make his version of the Taj Mahal a reality. Here’s how you can apply the basics of company culture.
    • Operating Environment and Strategy: The Profitable Connection 

      Dev, Chekitan S. (1989-08-01)
      Which operating strategy will work for your hotel? The answer depends on your market situation. Here’s how to match your strategy to your market.
    • Operations Management in Not‐For‐Profit, Public and Government Services: Charting a New Research Frontier 

      Verma, Rohit; McLaughlin, Curtis; Johnston, Robert; Youngdahl, William (2005-01-01)
      [Excerpt] As the readers of Journal of Operations Management (JOM) very well know, JOM has had a long history of encouraging articles exploring new frontiers in the field. Following this rich tradition and encouragement ...
    • Opportunism in Brand Partnerships: Effects of Coercion and Relationship Norms 

      Dev, Chekitan S.; Grzeskowiak, Stephan; Brown, James R. (2011-02-01)
      Brand partner opportunism—deceptive or guileful behavior to gain an advantage—is a threat to a successful brand partnership. In this study, the authors examined the effects of coercive and noncoercive tactics for preventing ...
    • Optimal Booking Limits in the Presence of Strategic Consumer Behavior 

      Wilson, John G.; Anderson, Chris K.; Kim, Sang-Won (2006-01-01)
      We consider a two-period airline yield management problem where customers may act strategically. Specifically, we allow for the possibility that a customer may decide to defer purchase in the hope that a ticket cheaper ...
    • Optimal Scheduling of a Flexible-Duration Rest Period for a Work Group 

      Bechtold, Stephen E.; Thompson, Gary (1992-03-01)
      All previous modeling research involving optimization of performance associated with work-rest cycles has focused upon individual employees working independently. We extend this earlier research by considering the choices ...