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    • Sound Off #1 (Industry Professional Response): The Institutionalization of Single Family Homes 

      Tait, Amy (2014-06-01)
      The single family home rental market has always been a very significant part of our housing market and national economy; however, the fragmentation among “mom and pop” owners has resulted in little centralized data, research ...
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      Unknown author (2014-06-01)
    • Awards 

      Unknown author (2014-06-01)
      Announcing: Society Of Industrial And Office Realtors® Most Outstanding Article Award; International Council of Shopping Centers Most Outstanding Retail Real Estate Award; Institute of Real Estate Management Most Outstanding ...
    • Cornell/Select Leaders Employment Matrix and Job Barometer 

      Unknown author (2014-06-01)
      The Cornell/Select Leaders Commercial Real Estate Industry Employment Matrix was developed for the Job Barometer as a comprehensive model for organizing jobs within the industry. Organizing jobs within a three-part matrix ...
    • Case Competition Highlights 

      Unknown author (2014-06-01)
      Graduate real estate education has embraced the concept of Case Competitions as a way to apply education-based learning to real world project simulation. In this issue of the Review, an inaugural recognition and composite ...
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      Unknown author (2014-06-01)
    • Sound Off #2 (Industry Professional Response): The Institutionalization of Single Family Homes 

      Rand, Gregory (2014-06-01)
      As the housing crisis has drawn considerable attention to the housing industry, “deals” are becoming more and more scarce, which is fine with me. The US housing market was never meant to be a speculator’s bonanza. It is ...
    • Sound Off #1-2 Industry Professional Response 

      Feldman, Dave (2014-06-01)
      The U.S. solar industry has been able to dramatically decrease system costs over the past 5 years through the mobilization of global manufacturing and a more mature deployment workforce. Despite these successes, U.S. ...
    • Sound Off #1-2 Industry Professional Response 

      Lesser, David (2014-06-01)
      [Excerpt] As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Power REIT, I bring with me 25 years of experience in real estate investment and finance. Prior to Power REIT I held leadership roles with several public real-estate ...
    • 2014 Industry Leader Award: Jorge M. Pérez 

      Pérez, Jorge M. (2014-07-01)
      [Excerpt] Jorge M. Pérez is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of The Related Group, the largest multi-family real estate development firm in the United States. Under Pérez’s direction, The Related Group has redefined the South ...
    • New York City’s Annual Income and Expenses: Statement Filing Requirement – a Land Mine for the Unwary Purchaser or Owner of Real Property 

      McCaffrey, Ryan A.; Lichy, Albert D. (2014-07-01)
      Since 1986, New York City law has required owners of incomeproducing properties in New York City to file an annual income and expense statement, colloquially referred to as an RPIE statement, with the Department of Finance. ...
    • Letter from the Editors 

      Bandy, Ryan; Doran, Evan (2014-07-01)
      [Excerpt] We are honored to present the 12th Volume of the Cornell Real Estate Review (CRER), a student edited and managed publication with oversight from faculty in the Baker Program in Real Estate at Cornell University. ...
    • Foreword 

      Funk, David L. (2014-07-01)
      [Excerpt] Welcome to the 2014 edition of the Cornell Real Estate Review (CRER), a publication that features practical, applied research interspersed with commercial real estate cases and industry awards relied upon by our readers.
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      Editorial Board, Cornell Real Estate Review (2014-07-01)
    • Boca Bay: The Impact of Insurance Availability on Residential Property Values 

      Weeks, H. Shelton; Fraser, Steve P.; Finch, J. Howard (2014-07-01)
      This case study requires students to determine a method for estimating the valuation impact of the changes in access to flood insurance - specifically, changes in the expense associated with the purchase of insurance in ...
    • Between We Buy Houses and We Buy Wholesale 

      Harvey, Cori R. (2014-07-01)
      The distressed residential real estate market has always depended upon the innovations of private, micro investors to reorganize the housing market and redistribute distressed properties for the benefit of homeowners, home ...
    • Using REITs to Invest in Utility Scale Solar Projects 

      McKinley, Brian (2014-07-01)
      [Excerpt] Public policy in the form of Renewable Portfolio Standards, rising electricity costs, and a sharp decline in upfront costs for commercial and utility scale solar power projects in recent years have allowed for ...
    • The Value of Flexibility: A Finance Application of Options to Real Estate 

      Pezeshkian, Hamid; Lashgari, Sina; Stiller, Duane (2014-07-01)
      Real estate is among the most strategic of businesses. Each property class has both independent and linked economic, demographic, and political constituents. Moreover, there are dozens of parties involved that influence ...
    • Collaborate or Compete: How Do Landlords Respond to the Rise in Coworking? 

      Green, Rebecca (2014-07-01)
      Changes in technology, attitudes toward work, and the new ‘shared economy’ have created an environment in which people have more options for how, when and where to work. Working from home, telecommuting, hoteling, and ...
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      Editorial Board, Cornell Real Estate Review (2014-07-01)