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    • Retail Site Selection: A New, Innovative Model for Retail Development 

      Ladle, Joshua K.; Stiller, Duane; Stiller, David (2009-05-01)
      This paper provides insight into the site-selection process for retail real estate decisions. After briefly exploring current methods of retail site selection, this paper will present a new method for site selection: the ...
    • 2008 Cornell Real Estate Conference Highlights 

      Unknown author (2009-05-01)
      The 26th annual conference was held on September 26-27, 2008 in Ithaca, New York featuring key note speaker Stephen J. Furnary, Chairman & CEO of ING Clarion.
    • Miscellaneous Backmatter 

      Unknown author (2009-05-01)
    • CMBS: An Introduction 

      Weis, Alex; Njoku, John (2009-05-01)
      Commercial backed securities (CMBS) were conceived during the last major real estate downturn- the Savings & Loan Crisis of the early 1990s- as an answer to a lack of liquidity which plagued real estate. Deemed viable ...
    • Seven World Trade Center: An Unlikely Success 

      Norwood, John (2009-05-01)
      On October 21, 2004, developer Larry Silverstein joined Governor George Pataki and Mayor Michael Bloomberg in signing the final steel beam for 7 World Trade Center before 500 of the project’s construction workers. The beam, ...
    • Golden Hills Residential Development 

      Kollmann, Lars; Olsen, C. Bradley (2009-05-01)
      The Golden Hills Case Study is focused around the financial analysis and evaluation of two undeveloped tracts within a master-planned community in the Los Angeles region. The owner of the two parcels, Reality Development, ...
    • Front Cover 

      Unknown author (2009-05-01)
    • Reviving the Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities Market: The Background and The Way Forward 

      Schilke, Charles (2009-07-01)
      [Excerpt] Present at the Creation and Destruction of CMBS The fateful first week of August 2007, I found myself a consulting attorney to the major Wall Street law firm that creates commercial mortgage-backed securities ...
    • Letter from the Editor 

      Spanelli, James (2009-07-01)
      [Excerpt] Dear Readers, I am humbly delighted to present Volume 7 of the Cornell Real Estate REview. The journal attempts to be a forum for practical theory relevant to the field of real estate explained through real world ...
    • Foreword 

      Funk, David L. (2009-07-01)
      [Excerpt] The seventh volume of the Cornell Real Estate Review (CRER) continues its tradition of providing faculty, real estate industry practitioners, and graduate students a conduit to share practice and applied research ...
    • Could Have, Would Have, Should Have: A Short History of the Housing Boom/Bust in the 2000s 

      Krueger, Gerd-Ulf; LePlastrier, Geoffrey (2009-07-01)
      [Excerpt] The history of the great housing boom and bust between 2003 and 2006 has not yet been written; this is a first attempt. It has been done here not to show that “mistakes were made” but to reconstruct the subjective ...
    • Table of Contents 

      Editorial Board, Cornell Real Estate Review (2009-07-01)
    • Miscellaneous Frontmatter 

      Editorial Board, Cornell Real Estate Review (2009-07-01)
    • Using California’s Farmland Preservation Programs to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

      Robert, Wassmer W. (2009-07-01)
      California has long tried to preserve land devoted to agricultural production. Recently it became the leader in creating a statewide policy to reduce greenhouse gases. The State’s policy choices regarding farmland preservation ...
    • Galisteo Basin Preserve 

      Grooms, Tyler (2009-07-01)
      [Excerpt] Conservation easements can act as a catalyst for new development by increasing land values, improving public access to recreational spaces, and provide land owners with tax savings, among other benefits. Furthermore, ...
    • Valuation Using Hedonic Pricing Models 

      Monson, Matt (2009-07-01)
      Buildings can be compared to a bundle of goods sold in a market, where each of the building characteristics combined equate to the expected overall transaction value. By collecting data on many different buildings a ...
    • Industry Leader Profile: Andrew Florance, CEO and Founder of CoStar 

      Editorial Board, Cornell Real Estate Review; Florance, Andrew (2009-07-01)
      [Excerpt] CoStar Group, Inc. was the nation’s first independent commercial real estate information research organization, and since its inception in 1987, has taken an industry lacking efficiency of information and ...
    • Compensation Structure of Buyer Brokers and Residential Real Estate Transactions 

      Liu, Peng; Weidel, Richard III (2009-07-01)
      [Excerpt] Traditionally, commission rates were set by local boards of realtors. However, shortly after the inception of the Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”), the Federal Trade Commission began requiring brokers to disclose ...