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  • Divergent Strategies: Edison Gardens and Tacolcy Economic Development Corporation, Miami, Florida 

    Von Hoffman, Alexander (2002-07-01)
    Editors Note: Urban redevelopment has seen a dramatic revitalization in the last two decades, especially with the creation of Community Development Corporations (CDCs) and HOPE IV. Unfortunately, successful development in ...
  • Truly Smart Growth 

    Mills, Edwin S. (2002-07-01)
    Editors Note: The following articles by Professor Mills and Ed LeClear, a Cornell graduate student, both address a very contentious issue currently in debate among real estate developers, planners, and governments: Smart ...
  • Cuban Real Estate: The Next Boom? 

    Norvell, Douglass G. (2002-07-01)
    [Excerpt] The name Cuba conjures, for many, images of a country hostile to private real estate ownership. But those of us who have been to the island recently know that opportunities for private land ownership do exist, ...
  • Housing Returns and Restrictions on Diversification 

    Chinloy, Peter; Cho, Man (2002-07-01)
    Residential single-family housing dominates the portfolio of the representative household. Most homeowners are neither diversified by asset type nor by geographic market The same households that hold only one house are ...
  • Miscellaneous Frontmatter 

    Editorial Board, Cornell Real Estate Review (2002-07-01)

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