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    • Betting Against the House: Redeveloping a Former Casino in Reno, Nevada 

      Jalazo, Mathew (2016-06-01)
      Reno, Nevada, one of the nation’s original gaming meccas, is in the midst of reinventing itself and dramatically broadening its economic base. The timing is portentous, as a soft market for casino gaming prevails, largely ...
    • Between We Buy Houses and We Buy Wholesale 

      Harvey, Cori R. (2014-07-01)
      The distressed residential real estate market has always depended upon the innovations of private, micro investors to reorganize the housing market and redistribute distressed properties for the benefit of homeowners, home ...
    • Blue Heaven Case Response 

      Mings, Brian Maxwell (2003-06-01)
      [Excerpt] The issue at hand regarding The Science and Technology Campus being developed by Blue Heaven Technology Partners, LLC (BHTP) is how to deal with several problems that have arisen since the developer was awarded ...
    • Boca Bay: The Impact of Insurance Availability on Residential Property Values 

      Weeks, H. Shelton; Fraser, Steve P.; Finch, J. Howard (2014-07-01)
      This case study requires students to determine a method for estimating the valuation impact of the changes in access to flood insurance - specifically, changes in the expense associated with the purchase of insurance in ...
    • Brexit: Its Passing and Reverberations 

      Lathan, Robert; Green, Matthew; Chagani, Ershad (2017-06-01)
      The most significant financial and economic news story in 2016 was the June 23 decision of the British public to terminate the U.K.’s membership in the European Union. Polls and bookmakers in the days leading up to the ...
    • Business Enterprise Value in Hotels – The Reality vs. the Shell Game 

      deRoos, Jan A. (2006-01-01)
      [Excerpt] The Appraisal of Real Estate states: The existence of a residual intangible personal property component in certain properties has been widely recognized for years. Among the many terms used to describe this ...
    • Call for Papers 

      Unknown author (2015-06-01)
    • Can Short-Term Rental Arrangements Increase Home Values? A Case for AirBNB and Other Home Sharing Arrangements 

      Jefferson-Jones, Jamila (2015-06-01)
      The sharing economy or “new economy”1 has redefined consumption in the housing context in a manner that impacts traditional notions regarding home values and neighborhood integrity. Housing sharing allows owners to share ...
    • Case Competition Highlights 

      Unknown author (2015-06-01)
    • Case Competition Highlights 

      Unknown author (2014-06-01)
      Graduate real estate education has embraced the concept of Case Competitions as a way to apply education-based learning to real world project simulation. In this issue of the Review, an inaugural recognition and composite ...
    • Case Competitions 

      Unknown author (2018-05-04)
      Cornell graduate real estate students continued their success in national real estate case competitions over the past year, including a second-place finish in the 2017 Impact Investing in Commercial Real Estate Competition ...
    • Case Competitions 

      Unknown author (2019-04-25)
      [Excerpt] Cornell University continued its strong showing this past year in several case competitions across the country winning 1st place in the Argus University Challenge, 3rd place at the University of Miami Impact ...
    • Case Competitions 

      Unknown author (2020-06-29)
    • Case Study: Blue Heaven Science and Technology Campus 

      Olsen, C. Bradley; Kim, Byung Gweon; Kwon, Chul Hwan; Lin, Chun-ju (Vivian); So, Philip Hei Tung (2003-06-01)
      [Excerpt] A regional light rail authority (“Authority”) in a large metropolitan area is involved in major extension of its services and is facing a funding shortage. The Authority has elected to raise additional funds from ...
    • Changing World of the Commercial Real Estate Job Search Space 

      Godiwala, Sameer (2015-06-01)
      Successfully leveraging social media is now an essential part of any commercial real estate job seeker’s strategy. A recent study conducted by Reppler1, a social media consultancy, found that 91% of employers are now using ...
    • CMBS Fusion Transactions: A Tradeoff between Credit Quality and Diversity 

      Woo, Baffelly; Mudrick, Jeff; Barve, Neil; Lee, Michael W. (2004-07-01)
      In recent years, fusion transactions have become the dominant structure in CMBS. Simultaneously, credit support has also come down materially. We find that part of the decrease can be attributed to the benefits of experience ...
    • CMBS: An Introduction 

      Weis, Alex; Njoku, John (2009-05-01)
      Commercial backed securities (CMBS) were conceived during the last major real estate downturn- the Savings & Loan Crisis of the early 1990s- as an answer to a lack of liquidity which plagued real estate. Deemed viable ...
    • Collaborate or Compete: How Do Landlords Respond to the Rise in Coworking? 

      Green, Rebecca (2014-07-01)
      Changes in technology, attitudes toward work, and the new ‘shared economy’ have created an environment in which people have more options for how, when and where to work. Working from home, telecommuting, hoteling, and ...
    • Commercial Leasing in China: An Overview 

      Stein, Gregory M. (2010-07-01)
      China’s real estate market—including its commercial leasing sector—has grown at a remarkable rate since the late 1980s, notwithstanding the fact that China did not adopt its first modern property law until 2007. Most of ...
    • Commercial Real Estate in the Digital Economy 

      Krumhansl, Robert (Bim); Zikakis, Alex (2012-07-01)
      Distance is dead. On September 7, 2001 Professor Jacques Marescaux, M.D. of the European Institute of Telesurgery and Dr. Michel Gagner performed the first transatlantic telesurgery from a downtown New York office building ...