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    • Mega Tips: Scientifically Tested Techniques to Increase Your Tips 

      Lynn, Michael (2003-01-01)
      This booklet for servers provides instruction in the psychology of tipping as well as specific techniques that can be used to earn larger tips. All the suggested techniques have been scientifically tested and the evidence ...
    • Safeguarding Service: Emergency Preparedness Essentials 

      Kwortnik, Robert J. Jr. (2004-09-01)
      This tool provides a checklist to help hotel managers prepare for the loss of electrical power, whether in a natural disaster or by failure of the power grid.
    • Turnover Cost Evaluator 

      Hinkin, Timothy R.; Tracey, J. Bruce (2005-01-01)
      Attracting and retaining talented staff is one of the most important means for creating and sustaining a competitive advantage. Yet despite the efforts by many firms, employee turnover continues to be one of the most vexing ...
    • Tablemix Optimizer 

      Thompson, Gary (2005-01-01)
      The Restaurant Table-Mix Optimizer (RTMO) is designed to help managers find the best mix of tables for their restaurants, in terms of revenue (or contribution margin). As inputs, the RTMO requires information that most ...
    • Closing the GAPPP: Increasing Your Internal Influence with Confident Communication 

      Brownell, Judi; Jameson, Daphne (2005-09-01)
      Closing the GAPPP: Increasing Your Internal Influence with Confident Communication
    • A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: Using Photo-Elicitation to Solicit Hotel Guest Feedback 

      Pullman, Madeleine E.; Robson, Stephani (2006-03-01)
      Executive Summary: Although written surveys have their place in determining how guests view a particular hotel, a graphic-based approach gives them a chance to show rather than just tell hoteliers what is important. One ...
    • The Tipping Quiz Tool 

      Lynn, Michael (2006-03-02)
      National surveys indicate that about one-third of the adult population in this country is unaware that they are expected to tip 15 to 20 percent of the bill in restaurants. Knowledge about the restaurant tipping norm is ...
    • A Comprehensive Guide to Merchandising Bed and Breakfast Inns 

      Carroll, Bill; Gomez, Betsy; Huen, Anna; Lanier, Pamela; Lui, Iris (2006-08-01)
      The many methods for merchandising a bed and breakfast inn embrace both traditional means and the growing areas available online. The key to all tactics is to show would-be guests how the B&B matches their lodging preferences. ...
    • Workforce Staffing Optimizer 

      Thompson, Gary (2007-01-01)
      The Workforce Staffing Optimizer (WSO) is designed to help managers like you find the mix of different types of employees in hospitality settings that minimizes the overall staffing cost. This enables you to see if your ...
    • Developing Hospitality Managers' Intercultural Communication Abilities: The Cocktail Party Simulation 

      Jameson, Daphne (2007-07-01)
      The ever increasing globalization of the hospitality industry and movement of people across international borders heightens the need for intercultural education and training. However, few intercultural training materials ...
    • Building Managers' Skills to Create Listening Environments 

      Brownell, Judi (2008-08-01)
      Managers’ ability to listen to employees and colleagues is an essential skill for developing a strong, successful service culture in their hospitality operation. By improving their own listening skills, managers can create ...
    • Measuring the Dining Experience: The Case of Vita Nova 

      Prasad, Kesh; Frederico, Frederico J. (2009-02-01)
      The considerable penetration of computers and internet connections makes it feasible to use electronic surveys to determine whether restaurant guests are satisfied with their meals. As demonstrated by the proprietary ...
    • Revenue Management Forecasting Aggregation Analysis Tool 

      Thompson, Gary (2009-09-01)
      The RMFAA tool is designed to help hoteliers identify the best level of aggregation to use in their revenue management forecasts of room demand. Hotel revenue managers (or revenue management systems) typically forecast the ...
    • Restaurants at the Crossroads: A State By State Summary of Key Wage-and-Hour Provision Affecting the Restaurant Industry 

      Richmond, Carolyn D.; Sherwyn, David J.D.; Lomanno, Martha; Rumack, Darren P.B.; Shapiro, Jason (2009-09-01)
      Restaurateurs face a remarkable tangle of laws and regulations that on their face are meant to protect workers, but which often serve to create a confusion for operators—and employment for labor attorneys. While many states ...
    • The Eight-Step Approach to Controlling Food Costs 

      Tracey, J. Bruce (2009-12-01)
      Because food-service profit margins are so thin, restaurant managers must carefully control every cost and eliminate all possibility of waste. Chief among the sources of cost and waste is food, which can represent up to ...
    • Measuring the Performance of Search Engine Marketing: Two Tools for the Hospitality Industry 

      Aggarwal, Anil; Carroll, Bill (2010-10-01)
      The importance of search as a medium for travel advertising and promotion has grown dramatically over the past ten years. According to industry researcher PhoCusWright, when consumers are comparing and choosing travel ...
    • Mega Tips 2: Twenty Tested Techniques to Increase Your Tips 

      Lynn, Michael (2011-03-01)
      Approximately two million waiters and waitresses in the United States depend on tips for their income. These servers would benefit from knowing and using techniques to increase their tips. This manual offers twenty such ...
    • The Hotel Competitor Analysis Tool (H-CAT): A Strategic Positioning Tool for Managers 

      Enz, Cathy A.; Thompson, Gary (2011-09-01)
      The hotel competitor analysis tool (H-CAT) is an Excel® spreadsheet designed to help managers make strategic comparisons between competing hotels on critical success factors. The tool permits hotel executive teams to assess ...
    • ServiceSimulator v1.19 

      Thompson, Gary (2011-10-01)
      ServiceSimulator was designed as a free tool for modeling service operations. In addition to the simulator itself, the tool includes seven sample files which correspond to seven sample problems that involve how to address ...
    • Restaurant Table Simulator, version 2012 

      Thompson, Gary (2012-04-01)
      Restaurant Table Simulator (RTS) is an Excel-based model for simulating table usage in restaurants. RTS, which includes a charts and results tables, can be used to improve a restaurant’s mix of tables. While the CHR already ...