The center offers a wide variety of tools for the hospitality industry. We expect to release a new tool approximately every few months, so check back often.

Recent Submissions

  • Managing a Wine Cellar Using a Spreadsheet 

    Thompson, Gary (2020-09-29)
    Using examples from Version 4 of Wine Cellar Management Tool, this report describes the many spreadsheet-based analyses in this tool that can assist an individual, restaurant, or bar in managing a wine cellar. The primary ...
  • Duty of Care Benchmarking Tool 

    Enz, Cathy; Thompson, Gary (2020-09-29)
    For any organization, “Duty of Care” is the obligation to avoid or diminish any reasonably foreseen harm to customers and employees resulting from exposure to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. This obligation includes ...
  • Measuring the Dining Experience: The Case of Vita Nova 

    Prasad, Kesh; Frederico, Frederico J. (2009-02-01)
    The considerable penetration of computers and internet connections makes it feasible to use electronic surveys to determine whether restaurant guests are satisfied with their meals. As demonstrated by the proprietary ...
  • Developing Hospitality Managers' Intercultural Communication Abilities: The Cocktail Party Simulation 

    Jameson, Daphne (2007-07-01)
    The ever increasing globalization of the hospitality industry and movement of people across international borders heightens the need for intercultural education and training. However, few intercultural training materials ...
  • Does Your Website Meet Potential Customers’ Needs? How to Conduct Usability Tests to Discover the Answer 

    Jameson, Daphne (2013-08-01)
    This CHR tool explains how hospitality managers can evaluate the extent to which their hotel or restaurant website meets potential customers’ needs by means of usability tests. As hospitality businesses seek to drive more ...
  • Mega Tips: Scientifically Tested Techniques to Increase Your Tips 

    Lynn, Michael (2003-01-01)
    This booklet for servers provides instruction in the psychology of tipping as well as specific techniques that can be used to earn larger tips. All the suggested techniques have been scientifically tested and the evidence ...
  • Safeguarding Service: Emergency Preparedness Essentials 

    Kwortnik, Robert J. Jr. (2004-09-01)
    This tool provides a checklist to help hotel managers prepare for the loss of electrical power, whether in a natural disaster or by failure of the power grid.
  • Closing the GAPPP: Increasing Your Internal Influence with Confident Communication 

    Brownell, Judi; Jameson, Daphne (2005-09-01)
    Closing the GAPPP: Increasing Your Internal Influence with Confident Communication
  • Food Preparation Scheduling Tool 

    Thompson, Gary (2016-03-16)
    This is a general planning tool with the scope of a single day, rather than a detailed real-time planning tool. It is designed both to illustrate and to help manage the complexities of scheduling food-service preparation ...
  • Restaurant Reservations Optimization Tool 

    Thompson, Gary (2015-11-16)
    The purpose of this tool is to determine the best mix of tables in a restaurant, while simultaneously determining which reservations should be accepted from forecasted demand. A key parameter in the tool is the degree to ...

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