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dc.contributor.authorAkinlawon, Ayomi Bolutife
dc.description12 pages
dc.description.abstractDesign has been greatly impacted by the series of tools we have access to today, the ability to effectively use these tools sets designers apart and is a product of well-crafted design interfaces. With our various manifestations of design and collaboration, it is important to identify similarities in the ways in which we work and create systems we can easily share. The current similarities between various architecture or coding software’s have make it easier for people to transfer their work between platforms like Rhino to Twin Motion or Python to Arduino. The repetition found in the way we design has revealed key relationships that can now be readily utilized through softwares. Different programs provide us with different products, but the increasing similarities in how the programs can be used is what makes them successful in the midst of all others. Many companies work tirelessly to make their software more accessible and usable with other existing platforms. The gaming and Virtual reality companies are some of many that are looking for ways to bring more physical interactions into the digital world, this is a revolutionary move that will surely add more dimension to design and how it is experienced.
dc.subjectDesign Interface
dc.subjectInterface Relationships
dc.titleConverging Relationships Between Design Interfaces
dc.typedissertation or thesis University of Science, Architecture
dc.contributor.chairSabin, Jenny
dc.contributor.committeeMemberDogan, Timur

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