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dc.contributor.authorZhang, Peng
dc.description24 pages
dc.description.abstractarchitecture is deeply rooted in the history of itself but simultaneously reacts to the moment we live in. Based on this, I divide my study at Cornell into two parts. The first part is to trace back the development and foundation of architecture, I call this part as Foundation. The second part, which I define as Reaction, is to bring my architecture into the contemporary context in every dimension. These two parts (Foundation and Reaction) are not independent of each other, but the intricate and intimate relationships between them compose the most exciting part of the architecture. In this personal conclusion, I frame my study and research at Cornell with three facets including context, tectonic, and space, which are all critical topics of architecture. Each of these three facets is divided into the two parts of Foundation and Reaction and will be elaborated with the studios and seminars I took at Cornell AAP.
dc.titleBetween Foundation and Reaction
dc.typedissertation or thesis University of Science, Architecture
dc.contributor.chairHenni Schwaighofer, Samia
dc.contributor.committeeMemberFoster, Jeremy

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