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    • Cornell Federal Statistical Research Data Center Newsletter 

      Brown, Warren (2020-06-29)
      June 2020 report of activities of the Cornell Federal Statistical Research Data Center
    • Access to Justice: Court Efficiency in Zambia 

      Banda, Tinenenji (The Cornell Institute for African Development, 2019)
      While access to justice has many components, the speed with which litigants can have their case disposed of is an important justice indicator. While there is widespread belief that the courts are inefficient, the evidence ...
    • Hydrologic challenges to heating Cornell using Earth Source Heat (ESH) and a strategy for meeting them 

      Cathles, Lawrence (2020-05-28)
      To reduce carbon emissions Cornell proposes to heat its campus by producing >60°C brine from 2 to 3 km depth. Twenty percent of its heating needs can be met by producing at 364 gpm. Demonstrating production and reinjection ...
    • SEAP Bulletin Spring 2020 

      Fitzgerald, Brenna (Cornell Southeast Asia Program, 2020-03)
      The Southeast Asia Program Bulletin is a bi-annual publication covering Cornell faculty research, SEAP outreach activities, student news, and updates about the Kahin Center.
    • Governing the Airpocalypse - Insights from China's "War on Smog" 

      Ahlers, Anna (East Asia Program, Cornell University, 2020-03-09)
      Anna L. Ahlers, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science - For about a decade now air pollution is probably the most hotly debated environmental problem in Chinese society. The 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing and ...