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    • Heat Transfer in Penguin Huddles 

      Karben, Samson; Kim, Glenn; Purwamaska, Ivanakbar; Tormey, Caitlin (2020-05)
      Emperor penguins have several adaptations that allow them to survive the extreme Antarctic winter. Some of these adaptations are behavioral, such as huddling to reduce exposure and preserve body heat. While previous research ...
    • Modeling of Primary Freeze Drying Phase of Lyophilization of Ebola Virus Disease Vaccine 

      Adams, Abby; Flood, Donovan; Ganesan, Sandhya; Koga, Maho (2020-05)
      Lyophilization, or freeze-drying, is a commonly used technique to extend the shelf life and increase the stability of various pharmaceuticals by removing excess water from the product. The process can be energy and ...