Recent Submissions

  • Institute for African Development 2020 Bulletin 

    Institute for African Development (Institute for African Development, 2021-07)
  • The African Community in China 

    Gazibo, Mamoudou; Alexeeva, Olga; Institute for African Development; IAD Occasional Paper Series (Institute for African Development, 2012)
    The African Community in China in the Age of Renewed China-Africa Cooperation
  • Access to Justice: Court Efficiency in Zambia 

    Banda, Tinenenji (The Cornell Institute for African Development, 2019)
    While access to justice has many components, the speed with which litigants can have their case disposed of is an important justice indicator. While there is widespread belief that the courts are inefficient, the evidence ...
  • The Developmental State in Zambia: Plausibility, Challenges, and Lessons from South Korea 

    Cheelo, Caesar; Hinfelaar, Marja; Ndulo, Manenga (The Cornell Institute for African Development, 2020)
    The major focus of this occasional paper publication is on lessons drawn from a comparative analysis between Zambian and South Korean experiences as developmental states since the 1960s. This publication offers important ...


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