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  • Smart Cities and Public Health 

    Svítek, Miroslav (2020-04-24)
    In this presentation, the speaker will begin by introducing the concept of smart cities. He will share his experience on several projects in Europe, Asia, and South America that use the smart cities implementation to promote ...
  • Considering Technology and Resilience in the Florida Transportation Plan 

    Halley, Jim (2020-04-10)
    Technology is constantly evolving and changing the way people interact with one another, work, do business, travel, and even how they buy groceries. New and emerging technologies offer the potential for a safer, more ...
  • Where Matters: Health and Economic Impacts of Where We Live 

    D. Frank, Lawrence (2019-03-25)
    New evidence linking built and natural environment features with physical activity, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stress, and sense of community will be presented. These finding are based on large scale health ...
  • Transforming Hillsborough County’s Transportation Future 

    Unknown author (2019-04-24)
    There are tremendous opportunities in Hillsborough County at this time. We can create a safe, sustainable transportation network and build the kind of vibrant, walkable places that bring opportunity, economic development, ...
  • The Evolving Freight Demand 

    Wang, Xiaokun (Cara) (2020-03-27)
    This presentation talked about the impacts of technologies on freight agent behavior and demand pattern in the near future. The presentation will discuss the special features of the new freight demand, and how to get ...
  • The Equal Distribution of Freedom 

    Alden, Beth (2019-03-28)
    Nationally-renowned transit planner Jarrett Walker has said, “The discussion of equity in transportation … is at its best a study of the equal distribution of freedom.” Ms. Alden will discuss the intersection of access, ...
  • Multimodal Planning for SIS 

    Shen, Huiwei; Edmonston, Chris; King, Jennifer (2019-03-06)
    Florida’s Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) represents the state’s largest and most significant transportation facilities including airports, spaceports, seaports, rail corridors, passenger terminals, transit, waterways, ...
  • California and the State of Freight 

    Barnea, Avital (2020-05-08)

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