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  • Characterization of University Parking System 

    Cheu, Ruey L.; Gurbuz, Okan; Balal, Esmaeil; Zhang, Michael; H. Oliver, Gao; Zhang, Yu (2018-10)
    Most universities are constantly challenged by the parking congestion problem. As one of the initial steps towards finding the solutions, this research set out to: (1) understand the parking demand and management strategies ...
  • Vulnerable Road User Safety Enhancements for Transportation Asset Management 

    Chang, Carlos M.; Rodriguez, Edgar D. (2019-01-31)
    Safety of Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) is a problem of global magnitude since the proportion of fatalities represents more than half of the total deaths in traffic worldwide. VRUs are pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists ...

    Chavez, Mayra C.; Ramirez, Ivan M.; Cheu, Kelvin R.; Li, Wen-Whai (2019-10-31)
    Traffic-related air pollution has a profound impact on human health especially for residents living in near-road communities which are constantly exposed these air pollutants. A near-road community is expected to observe ...
  • Smart Sensors to Reduce Pollutant Emissions in Transportation 

    Chintalapalle, Ramana; Bandi, Mallesham; Zade, Vishal; Rubio, Aldo (2019-02-15)
    Doped perovskite materials exhibiting temperature independent conductivity has gained enormous attention for high temperature oxygen sensors due to great advantage over traditional doped metal oxides. This report focused ...
  • Regulating Hazardous-materials Transportation with Behavioral Modeling of Drivers 

    Su, Liu; Kwon, Changhyun (2018-01-29)
    This project considers network regulation problems to minimize the risk of hazmat accidents and potential damages to the environment, while considering bounded rationality of drivers. We consider government interventions ...

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