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dc.contributor.authorPorter, John
dc.contributor.authorGraves, Robert
dc.identifier.citationPorter, J and R. E. Graves. 2007 Guideline for Planning Dairy Stall Barns. October 2007. Dairy Practices Council. DPC 37. 30 pp.
dc.descriptionThis 28 page publication (DPC-37) was originally published in coordination with the Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service (NRAES, later known as the Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service), a multi-university program in the Northeast US disbanded in 2011. Plant and Life Sciences Publishing (PALS) was subsequently formed to manage the NRAES catalog. Ceasing operations in 2018, PALS was a program of the Department of Horticulture in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) at Cornell University. PALS assisted university faculty in publishing, marketing and distributing books for small farmers, gardeners, land owners, workshops, college courses, and consumers.
dc.description.abstractThis guideline provides insight for planning and constructing a dairy tie stall barn. The Guideline covers Site Considerations, Construction, Stall Barn Arrangement, Ventilation, Electrical Service, Wiring and Lighting. It includes schematic drawings and various tables depicting tie stall barns. The are two supplemental Guidelines DPC #6 Natural Ventilation for Tie Stall Barns and DPC #12 Tunnel Ventilation for Tie Stall Barns. DUE TO OUSTANDING COPYRIGHT ISSUES OR CLEARLY IDENTIFIED OUT-OF-DATE PRACTICES (E.G. SAFETY CONCERNS), ONLY THE FRONT MATTER (E.G. COVER, ToC, ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, ETC) ARE PROVIDED HERE AT THIS TIME. Print copies of this item can be purchased from the Dairy Practices Council:
dc.publisherDairy Practices Council
dc.subjectDairy Barns
dc.subjectDesign and Construction
dc.subjectDesign and Construction
dc.subjectDairy Farming
dc.titleGuideline for Planning Dairy Stall Barns (DPC 37 - FRONT MATTER ONLY)

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