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dc.contributor.authorHutt,Guy K.
dc.contributor.authorMilligan, Robert A.
dc.contributor.authorKauffman, Jonas B.
dc.contributor.authorClaypoole, Elizabeth A.
dc.descriptionA.E. Ext. 89-22
dc.description.abstractIn order to receive the most benefit from this resource book There are two points to understand. First the resource book is designed to be used by management education facilitators and by farm managers. The farm manager is best served by by reading text sections under the topic tabs. This reading can be enhanced by filling out the exercise sheets. It is also helpful for the farm manager to to read the text included for those who might facilitate a workshop on one of the topics. The second point of interest to facilitators is that the video tapes, overheads and slides referred to in the reference book are available through the PRO-DAIRY office 110 Morrison Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca NY. 14853-4801. Facilitators will find materials In this reasource book that can be used in the development of any number of management educational meetings.
dc.publisherCharles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University
dc.titleManagement Resource Notebook

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