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dc.contributor.authorWhite, Gerald B.
dc.contributor.authorPeterson, David
dc.contributor.authorMartinson, Timothy E.
dc.descriptionE.B. 99-04
dc.description.abstractThe objective of this project was to determine the cost of producing V. vinifera grapes in the Finger Lakes region in a commercial sized operation. Estimates of the total investment in land, machinery, vineyard establishment and development costs, and annual operating costs were developed. These estimates may be used by growers and potential investors to compute and analyze the costs and profit potential for their own situations. The estimates are not necessarily representative average costs for grape production in the Finger Lakes, but rather are typical costs for well managed vineyards using recommended practices. The yield estimates used for estimation of typical returns assume better sites (well-drained, productive soils with appropriate slopes for air drainage). Poorer sites and/or failure to follow optimal management practices can have a significant negative impact on the earnings estimates presented in this publication.
dc.publisherCharles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University
dc.titleCost of Establishment and Production of Vinifera Grapes in the Finger Lakes Region of New York-1997

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