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dc.contributor.authorRice, Gary D.
dc.description.abstractAl though the "Farmowners Policy Program" is popular with many insurance companies, some companies offer a relatively new packaged insurance policy for farms and ranches called 11The Farmowners-Ranchowners Insurance Program". Although these two insurance programs are similar, they do differ by the method of insuring certain properties. Policy programs are everchanging as rating organizations, insurance associations, and insurance companies seek to improve their policies for the use of farm and ranch businesses. The Farmowners-Ranchowners Insurance Program is designed generally for use by farm operations producing farm products. It is not intended to be used to insure manufacturing or processing activities on the farm. Other types of insurance policies will provide the needed coverages for these activities. The Farmowners-Ranchowners Insurance Program provides flexibility and adequate insurance coverage against the most prominent perils confronting the farm business. This flexability is provided by the basic policy format and by the addition of a variety of endorsements and exclusions which are attached to the policy jacket. The farm operator is encouraged to study his entire insurance program, evaluate which insurance policies and coverages are needed, and determine which insurance companies can provide policies with the desired coverage along with reliable service and at a reasonable price.
dc.publisherCharles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University
dc.titleThe Farm Owners - Ranch Owners Insurance Program

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