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dc.contributor.authorMarzolf, Wayne W.
dc.description.abstractAgain this year, cooperating dairy farmers enrolled in the business management project in New York have sent their records in to Cornell to be analyzed. For 1967, 24 farms in Livingston, Seneca and Yates Counties sent their records in to be summarized by the Department of Agricultural Economics. The results are presented in this workbook. This book is designed for your use in studying your business. In filling out the figures for your own farm, two things are hoped for. First, by following a systematic method of examining your own business, it is planned that all phases of your business will be examined for strengths and weaknesses without the danger of forgetting some parts of it. Secondly, the opportunity to compare your figures with other dairy farmers in your own area and also with others across the State will give you further insights into your own operation. Changes in farm businesses are pressing in from every side. Many of the solutions are highly technical and complex. However, experience has shown that successful managers, using complete and accurate records, have been able to develop their management skills to build successful farm businesses in the past. Just as certainly, good managers will prosper in the future. It is hoped that you will find this farm business management workbook helpful. By using it to make better use of your records and to practice the skills needed in good management, we hope that setting objectives for your farm and family will be easier and that the decisions made will help you reach these goals in the most effective way possible.
dc.publisherCharles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University
dc.titleLivingston Seneca Yates: Farm Business Summary 1967

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