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dc.contributor.authorTobey, Jonathon S.
dc.description.abstractThis is the tenth year that a summary of poultry farm management records has been published in New York State The information presented in this report was obtained from 37 poultry farms. The farms in this summary averaged 9,567 layers. Fourteen of the farm had more than 10,000 hens. Eleven of the flocks had fewer than 5,000 layers. A comparison of information from different flock sizes is also presented in this publication. While the number of farms in each group is not large, the averages should be more meaningful to producers in studying their farm businesses. The composition of the farms in the cash account program differ from year to year. The information presented in the following tables is useful as guidelines in studying the New York poultry industry. The producers who have supplied the information in this publication deserve the thanks of the entire poultry industry. We would also like to acknowledge the County Agricultural Agents who have spent a great deal of time throughout the year working with the cooperators.
dc.publisherCharles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University
dc.titleThe Economics of Poultry Farm Management, New York, 1964

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