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dc.contributor.authorChen, Ching-Lun
dc.identifier.otherbibid: 11050268
dc.description.abstractI connected the territory of investigation in ecology with three different scales of projects under the time scope. These projects captured distinctive visions of understanding the ecological system nowadays and provided me with a broader perspective to investigate the realm of ecology which involved sustainable practices, soft infrastructures, materials research, environmental simulation, computational design, digital fabrication, and performance-driven design. In ULI competition “the Router”, the project sought to maximize the commercial use while consuming as little energy as possible through a series of ecological design method in an urban design scale. The design showed a grounded vision of present and relinked the possibilities of the future by laying out of current street context and renovated the original terminal building into another phase: smart transportation station. Meanwhile, the project develops the potential to reconnect the local public transit network by probing the road diet intervention. Four phases of development will bring a major retail corridor and offer new public space and four features of new buildings. In the Vertical Urban Farming, the project demonstrated idealistically an extensive view of the intersection of waste energy and agriculture. Through developing a holistic, overall understanding of the vertical farming system, the architecture synthesizes the complex information about the system research focusing on the capacity and potential which considers economies of use, value, resource exchange, and mutualistic benefits. Within systems , waste and energy closely contribute not only to Roosevelt Island but possibly fit into New York’s larger infrastructural ecology. Catskill Environmental Interpretation Center played a distinct role in perceiving the ecology system from the present time. The design studio integrated the embodied, sensorial, and material understandings triggered by climate in the Catskills region, and the cultural iconographies and narratives these have generated over time. Interrelationship between human and environment became a starting point to understand, interpret, and create a fundamental meaning of natural sensory. Three projects indicated diverse viewpoints in the field of ecology and offered a broader perspective in the interrelationship between human and nature.
dc.titleProjects in Advanced Architectural Design
dc.typedissertation or thesis University of Science, Architecture
dc.contributor.chairSabin, Jenny E.
dc.contributor.committeeMemberAkcan, Esra

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