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dc.contributor.authorMazza, Charles
dc.identifier.citationMazza, C. P. (2013). Site assessment for better gardens and landscapes. Ithaca, NY: Plant and Life Sciences Pub.
dc.descriptionThis 81 page publication (PALS-1) was published by Plant and Life Sciences Publishing (PALS), formed to manage the Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service (NRAES, previously known as the Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service) catalog, a multi-university program in the Northeast US disbanded in 2011. Ceasing operations in 2018, PALS was a program of the Department of Horticulture in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) at Cornell University. PALS assisted university faculty in publishing, marketing and distributing books for small farmers, gardeners, land owners, workshops, college courses, and consumers.
dc.description.abstractEver wonder why some gardens and landscapes look dazzling year after year, while others decline? Or why does a planting look great at one location while the same plant looks skimpy and unattractive nearby? This book describes how to evaluate site characteristics that are important to plants and how to use this information to create thriving, easy-to-care-for gardens and landscapes. Thirty activities map power lines, pipes, and irrigation systems, evaluate climate, analyze soil and slopes, and identify nuisance wildlife. It also contains 50 color photos, and a glossary. With this information, you can choose plants that will thrive on the site and plan site modifications to achieve your goals. The book is intended for gardeners, landscape professionals, and educators. Site assessment saves time and money, and helps avoid future problems.
dc.publisherPlant and Life Sciences Publishing (PALS), Department of Horticulture in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), Cornell University
dc.subjectLandscape Design
dc.subjectGarden and Landscape
dc.titleSite Assessment for Better Gardens and Landscapes (PALS 1)

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