Recent Submissions

  • FACT SHEET 4: Industry snapshot 

    Lawrence, Joe (Kernel Processing Information Series, 2020-08)
    As part of this project,a survey was conducted on corn silage growers in the Northeast. A summarization of some of the main points from the survey may be useful to other producers as they consider management related to ...
  • FACT SHEET 3: Impacts of fermentation 

    Lawrence, Joe; Kerwin, Allison (Kernel Processing Information Series, 2020-08)
    An adequate duration of time for fermentation is often cited as a critical management tool for silages. The first reason is to allow the fermentation process to stabilize the forage as feeding unstable forage can lead to ...
  • FACT SHEET 2: Effect of corn plant characteristics on corn silage processing scores 

    Lawrence, Joe; Kerwin, Allison (Kernel Processing Information Series, 2020-08)
    When evaluating corn silage, the focus is often on total yield. However, when thinking about the harvesting process, and specifically the task of a kernel processor to break apart corn kernels, it is important to consider ...
  • Corn silage kernel processing 

    Lawrence, Joe; Kerwin, Allison (PRO-DAIRY, 2020-08)
    The value of whole plant corn as a forage (corn silage) can largely be categorized by two contributions to animal nutrition: fiber and starch and the digestibility of each. In terms of starch, focus is often on total content ...


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