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  • Spring 2022 fertility considerations 

    Workman, Kirsten; Lawrence, Joe (PRO-DAIRY, 2022-05)
    Fertilizer prices continue to rise with no relief in immediate site. With a slowly warming spring that has seen snow and wet weather, manure applications in many locations have been delayed. As manure trucks and pumps start ...
  • First cutting: Resources for success in 2022 

    Lawrence, Joe (PRO-DAIRY, 2022-05)
    First cutting of a perennial hay crop offers the opportunity to capture high quantity and quality but timely harvest can be met with a number of obstacles. This document provides links to several currently available resources ...
  • Forage shrink costs more when inputs are high 

    Lawrence, Joe; Kuck, Ron (2022-03)
    As the 2022 growing season approaches there is no shortage of discussion on the high and volatile prices of inputs for crop production. Several good resources were presented this winter about finding efficiencies with crop ...
  • 2021 Corn silage overview 

    Lawrence, Joe; Kerwin, Allison (2021-11)
    The growing season across much of the Northeast started with average to slightly above average heat unit accumulation and below average precipitation. This provided relatively good conditions for corn planting, with trial ...
  • Corn silage harvest timing: Not all growing degree days are created equal 

    Lawrence, Joe (2021-09)
    Corn silage harvest timing has important implications on both the yield and forage quality of the crop as a livestock feed.
  • FACT SHEET 5: Corn Plant Dry Down 

    Lawrence, Joe; Kerwin, Allison (2021-07)
    This series has addressed the influence of dry matter (DM), both whole plant and plant fraction, on corn silage processing score as well as key quality metrics, namely starch content from the recent Corn Silage Processing ...
  • Forage acreage needs calculator 

    Lawrence, Joe (2021-07)
    Understanding and managing forage inventory needs is critical to a dairy farm to assure both adequate quantities and qualities of forage to meet the needs of various animal groups on the farm. A number of methods are in ...
  • Forage acreages needed for dairy herd 

    Lawrence, Joe (2021-07)
    Excel spreadsheet to calculate forage acreages needed for dairy herd
  • Corn nitrogen observations 2021 

    Lawrence, Joe (2021-07)
    In the past, late season nitrogen (N) application to corn was not considered feasible but with currently available application equipment it can be done. Advances in equipment have made it more feasible to apply N later in ...
  • Short on hay this spring? 

    Lawrence, Joe; O'Neil, Kitty (2021-03)
    A number of livestock producers are reporting short hay inventories coming into the spring and, while the warmth of the sun has us optimistic that winter will soon be behind us, the 2021 crop season is still a ways off. ...

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