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  • Finite Element Model of Human Thermoregulation in Cold Conditions 

    Berman, Aaron; Khalatyan, Yekaterina; Umeki, Chris; Zhou, Max (2019-05)
    The human body can only function properly within a narrow range of temperatures. Therefore, the regulation of body temperature is a critical part of survival. Thermal homeostasis is maintained through complex feedback ...
  • Modelling two-stage antibiotic release from orthopedic fixation pins to prevent post-op osteomyelitis 

    Bhatta, Asmita; Kim, Matthew Jundong; Lim, Melanie; Sheng, Rory (2019-05)
    The first six hours following orthopedic implantation is a decisive period for preventing bacterial adhesion to ensure an implant’s long-term success. If bacterial adhesion is not adequately impeded, a biofilm will form, ...
  • Don’t Breathe on Me 

    Brigham, Rae; Machireddy, Meghana; Sequeira, Yohan (2019-05)
    The contamination of surfaces in public spaces is of great importance to minimizing disease spread. When a large number of people share public spaces in close proximity, aerial disease transmission becomes common, especially ...
  • Shear Stress Induced Thrombogenicity of a Trileaflet Mechanical Heart Valve 

    Gregan, Chris; Moy, David; Newberger, Nicole; Siomos, Matthew (2019-05)
    Trileaflet mechanical valves are a popular topic in industry R&D due to their potential improvements to hemodynamic performance relative to industry-standard bileaflet mechanical valves and their mechanical durability ...
  • Optimization of Laser Ablation Parameters for Lumbar Discectomy 

    Ashraf, Shaumik; Chan, William; Delgado, Robert; Hassan, Mohamed (2019-05)
    Lower back pain, or lumbar pain, is a potentially debilitating chronic condition that will affect an estimated 80% of individuals in their lifetime. Lumbar pain can be caused by herniated lumbar discs, which is ...
  • The Effect of Face Topography on Frostbite 

    Chen, Fang; Huan, Zhongling; Kendl, Sarah; Cambonchi, Alejandra (2019-05)
    Winters in most countries within the Northern hemisphere, which include heavily populated regions of Russia, Canada, China, and the United States, are commonly known to be harsh, unforgiving, and unpredictable. Cold ...


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