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  • Finite Element Model of Human Thermoregulation in Cold Conditions 

    Berman, Aaron; Khalatyan, Yekaterina; Umeki, Chris; Zhou, Max (2019-05)
    The human body can only function properly within a narrow range of temperatures. Therefore, the regulation of body temperature is a critical part of survival. Thermal homeostasis is maintained through complex feedback ...
  • Modelling two-stage antibiotic release from orthopedic fixation pins to prevent post-op osteomyelitis 

    Bhatta, Asmita; Kim, Matthew Jundong; Lim, Melanie; Sheng, Rory (2019-05)
    The first six hours following orthopedic implantation is a decisive period for preventing bacterial adhesion to ensure an implant’s long-term success. If bacterial adhesion is not adequately impeded, a biofilm will form, ...
  • Don’t Breathe on Me 

    Brigham, Rae; Machireddy, Meghana; Sequeira, Yohan (2019-05)
    The contamination of surfaces in public spaces is of great importance to minimizing disease spread. When a large number of people share public spaces in close proximity, aerial disease transmission becomes common, especially ...
  • Shear Stress Induced Thrombogenicity of a Trileaflet Mechanical Heart Valve 

    Gregan, Chris; Moy, David; Newberger, Nicole; Siomos, Matthew (2019-05)
    Trileaflet mechanical valves are a popular topic in industry R&D due to their potential improvements to hemodynamic performance relative to industry-standard bileaflet mechanical valves and their mechanical durability ...
  • Optimization of Laser Ablation Parameters for Lumbar Discectomy 

    Ashraf, Shaumik; Chan, William; Delgado, Robert; Hassan, Mohamed (2019-05)
    Lower back pain, or lumbar pain, is a potentially debilitating chronic condition that will affect an estimated 80% of individuals in their lifetime. Lumbar pain can be caused by herniated lumbar discs, which is ...

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