Professor Agrawal is the James A. Perkins Professor of Environmental Studies at Cornell University. His research program addresses questions in the ecology and evolution of interactions between plants and animals. His focus is on the generally antagonistic interactions between plants and insect herbivores and ultimately seeks to understand the complexity of community-wide interactions. What ecological factors allow the coexistence of similar species? What evolutionary factors led to the diversification of species?

His approach to science in general involves 1) rigorous, manipulative field experiments to test for the importance of conceptually or theoretically developed interactions, 2) the search for novel interactions which may be pervasive in nature but have escaped our attention, and 3) a keen interest in teaching and mentoring students at all levels of education.

A more complete and current listing of Prof. Agrawal's work and scholarly output can be found via his EEB Department web page, his Phytophagy Lab web site, or ORCID ID:

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