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dc.contributor.advisorNelson Hairston
dc.contributor.authorYardley, Elizabeth
dc.description.abstractThis research sought to understand the complex interactions between governmental and non-governmental organizations engaged in assessing or managing the environmental issue of cyanobacterial blooms (commonly known as harmful algal blooms, or HABs) in Honeoye Lake, the second smallest Finger Lake in New York State. Honeoye Lake has a history of HABs that have been investigated for several years. However, while investigation of the ecological aspects of HABs has been ongoing, the intricate network of organizations that sometimes collaborate and sometimes compete to manage the lake was previously unstudied. Our research helps to clarify this complex network, which will prove important for future effective management. I found that a total of 24 stakeholder organizations interact in various ways, including financial, logistical, and managerial roles, with the majority of the interactions occurring at the state level. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation interacts with the most stakeholder organizations involved with the HAB problem in Honeoye Lake. We did not find any significant correlation between: the number of interactions and hierarchical position; the number of interactions and physical distance; nor the physical distance and hierarchical distance between collaborating organizations.” However, this project unveiled a fascinating web of interactions between entities surrounding a complex environmental issue that was previously not well understood.
dc.subjectBiological sciences honors program
dc.subjectblue-green algae
dc.subjectHarmful Algal Blooms
dc.subjectlake management
dc.subjectparticipatory asset mapping
dc.subjectsocial network
dc.titleParsing complex community interactions with regulators and non-governmental organizations in relation to local environmental management at Honeoye Lake, New York
dc.typedissertation or thesis Sciences of Arts, Biological Sciences

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