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dc.contributor.authorWorld Ag Info Project Design Team
dc.descriptionWorldAgInfo Project Solution Scenario 7: Preparing Universities for the New Agriculture. Based on the deliberations of participant groups in Workshop 1, the WorldAgInfo Design Team drafted a problems and solutions summary document (available within Section Three of the Final Report). This is one of several potential solution scenarios to emerge through that process. These were in turn used to inform proposed information projects generated by Workshop 2 participants in Livingstone, Zambia (available within Section Two of the Final Report).
dc.description.abstractThis project has four interconnected components: the first is helping universities and consortia of universities in Africa and South Asia prepare a landscape analysis of the magnitude and country-specific challenges and funding levels to address the issues surrounding the New Agriculture. The second component is to lay out the types of Business Education training that is needed at different levels of the educational ladder for extension workers, and smallholder farmers and input and marketing agencies. The third is to lay out the types of ICT training modules about the New Agriculture that are needed to train extension workers, smallholders, private firms and the Third Sector. The fourth objective is to request bottom up proposals of how public and private universities in Africa plan to respond to the New Agriculture and to increase their emphasis on graduate training within Africa because of the rising cost of overseas graduate education.
dc.publisherWorld Ag Info Project
dc.subjectInformation Systems
dc.subjectAgricultural Development
dc.subjectInternational Development
dc.subjectAgricultural Education
dc.titlePreparing Universities in Africa and Asia for the New Agriculture

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