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dc.contributor.authorWorld Ag Info Project Design Team
dc.descriptionWorldAgInfo Project Solution Scenario 2: Agricultural Extension. Based on the deliberations of participant groups in Workshop 1, the WorldAgInfo Design Team drafted a problems and solutions summary document (available within Section Three of the Final Report). This is one of several potential solution scenarios to emerge through that process. These were in turn used to inform proposed information projects generated by Workshop 2 participants in Livingstone, Zambia (available within Section Two of the Final Report).
dc.description.abstractSolution Scenario Concept: Small farmers in Africa will have to use more commercial fertilizer if they are to increase their production and incomes. One hypothesis holds that the demand for fertilizer by these small, low-resource farmers is attenuated because most do not know how to get a profitable response to fertilizer under their local conditions. This Solution would harness the power of private markets to generate a sustainable system of developing and delivering that information to individual smallholders.
dc.publisherWorld Ag Info Project
dc.subjectInformation Systems
dc.subjectAgricultural Development
dc.subjectInternational Development
dc.subjectAgricultural Education
dc.titleGenerating Market-Based Systems for Integrated Soil Fertility Management

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