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dc.contributor.authorSchmit, Todd M.
dc.descriptionE.B. 2014-04
dc.description.abstractIn 2011, agricultural industries, including agricultural production, support services, and manufacturing, directly contributed $37.6 billion in output, 115.0 thousand jobs, and $9.8 billion in gross domestic product to the New York State economy. When backward-linked supply chain effects (indirect effects) and spending out of labor income (induced effects) are considered, these values grow to $53.7 billion, 206.6 thousand, and $19.6 billion, respectively. This implies relatively strong multiplier or ripple effects in agriculture, whereby every additional $1 in output in agriculture generates an additional $0.43 in backward linked non-agricultural industries, every additional job in agriculture generates an additional 0.80 non-agricultural jobs, and every additional $1 in gross domestic product generates an addition $1.13 in non-agricultural contributions to gross domestic product.
dc.titleAgriculture-Based Economic Development in NYS: The Contribution of Agriculture to the New York Economy

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