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dc.contributor.authorBills, Nelson L.
dc.contributor.authorScherer, Jane Maestro
dc.descriptionE.B. 2001-19
dc.description.abstractStructural change in New York agriculture continues to raise new questions about the industry and its future prospects for economic growth and development. What steps can educators, community leaders, and public agencies take to promote improvements in the economic and social climate for communities that are dependent upon farm and food production? The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets and Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences play an important leadership role in the agriculture-based economic arena. This report is one of two documents that deals with the collaborative work that will be needed to advance the discussion of development challenges and opportunities for the State and identifies program milestones for the Commissioner. A second report, entitled Agriculture-Based Economic Development: Trends and Prospects for New York, documents the direction and scope of well over 100 ag-based economic development programs now operating in competitor states and Canadian provinces. This research effort was conducted with financial support provided by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets. The Commissioner and his staff were directly involved in the study design and provided periodic advice on its conduct. In addition, the study was supervised by an advisory committee assembled by the Commissioner. The advisory committee membership included: Pat Hooker, NYS Farm Bureau; Tom Shepard, Dairylea Cooperative, Inc.; Joe Walsh, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Sullivan County, New York; Tim Pezzolesi, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Ontario County, New York; Martin Culik, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Genesee County, New York; R. David Smith, Cornell University; John Mitchell, IL Richer Feeds, Inc.; Ora Rothfuss, Ag Development Specialist, Wayne County Planning, Wayne County, New York. In addition, Michael Chamberlain, formerly with NYS AgriDevelopment Corp., made important contributions to the design and conduct of the study.
dc.titleMarket Enhancement Programs Operated in New York's Key Competitor States and Provinces

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