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dc.contributor.authorLabatut, Rodrigo
dc.contributor.authorGooch, Curt
dc.description.abstractCH4 Biogas, LLC formed Synergy Biogas, LLC to own and operate an anaerobic digester at the Synergy Dairy in Covington, New York. Synergy Dairy leases the site for the facility and supplies manure to the digester. Synergy Dairy is owned by Synergy, LLC, a partnership of large-scale dairy and field crop producers in Western New York organized to develop and manage projects that benefit from their complimentary strengths. John Noble is the President and CEO of Synergy, LLC. He founded Linwood Management Group a company responsible for managing more than 15,000 cows on dairies in New York and Wisconsin. CH4 Biogas, LLC was formed by Paul Toretta, Bob Blythe and Bigadan A/S in 2008 in response to market demand for anaerobic digestion and alternative energy in the United States. Bob Blythe is the president of CH4 Biogas. The anaerobic digester co-digests manure from over 1,800 milking cows at the dairy location with imported food-grade organic waste, which is transported to the site. Biogas from the digester is used to fuel a GE Jenbacher model 420 engine generator set with capacity to generate up to 1.4 MW of electrical power. In addition, the system produces pathogen-free bedding from manure solids for the dairy operation and reduces odors. The anaerobic digestion system built by the Danish contractor, Bigadan A/S, was commissioned in December 2011.en_US
dc.subjectAnaerobic Digestionen_US
dc.subjectDairy Manureen_US
dc.titleAnaerobic Digestion at Synergy Biogas, LLCen_US
dc.typecase studyen_US

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